EWar partners with Baazi Games to bring real-money games for its users

royal flush of shamrocks between betting chips

EWar Games and Baazi Games have joined hands to enter into a strategic alliance. Following the tie-up, EWar will be adding Baazi Games’ flagship products like ‘PokerBaazi’ and ‘BalleBaazi’ on its gaming platform. While on one hand, the partnership enables EWar to introduce interesting real-money games like Online Poker and Fantasy Cricket to its user base, on the other hand, it will be helping Baazi to leverage EWar’s platform to attract and acquire new players for its existing games.

Speaking about the collaboration, EWar Games founder and CEO Parth Chadha says, “The latest partnership between EWar and Baazi — two popular names in India’s gaming industry — is indeed quite unique and significant, as it paves the way to a versatile experience for an emerging pool of real-money gamers in our country. By adding Baazi Games’ skill and mind-based games for the first time on EWar’s platform, we are fulfilling our promise of constantly expanding our game offerings, adding value and bringing more opportunities to earn money for our users. Going forward, we at EWar are confident of giving a wonderful combination of streaming and fair gaming experience in poker, fantasy cricket and other games offered by Baazi.”

This development comes at the time when India’s most loved T20 cricket league, the Indian Premiere League or IPL is back in action (after getting delayed due to the pandemic), and parallelly an increasing number of people across the nation are showing interest in and/or turning to new genres of online gaming, including fantasy cricket and real-money-based-games, instead of just being passive sport spectators.

Baazi Games founder and CEO Navkiran Singh says, “It’s an exciting phase for the online gaming industry in our country where we are seeing gaming startups like EWar add to popularising and expanding esports. This strategic alliance will help EWar go beyond the esports offerings and offer a lot more value to the users by allowing them hands at poker and fantasy sports. This association comes in line with our vision of investing in local teams that are innovative and working to grow this space further.”                  

The long-term strategic partnership, based upon mutually agreed terms between EWar and Baazi will be a win-win for both the gaming companies and is bound to attract huge levels of engagement and add to the revenue of both the brands in the months to come. More importantly, it will present a mega opportunity for the diverse and wide base of India’s gaming enthusiasts, who are looking to earn substantial amounts of money while playing their favourite games online.