Esports Players Welfare Association launches in India

With new advents in technology on the rise and individuals embracing advancements in the sports industry- there is an exciting sport on the block. Lately, Sports have every enthusiast captivated by all that it has to offer. Esports have gained mass popularity because they are accessible and adaptable, a rather competitive sport that has multiple tournaments across multiple games. 

While the youth gravitate towards various esports opportunities, the necessity to protect these players and their rights increases manifold. Esports Players Welfare Association (EPWA) aims to provide that protection, and more. Launching today, EPWA, a non-profit organization, has been created solely to ensure that the professional, legal and contractual rights of esports players in India are safeguarded thoroughly. 

Esports Players Welfare Association (EPWA) aims to be the authority when it comes to shielding the interests of esports athletes across India. With no other similar organization being present currently, EPWA is at the forefront of offering assistance to athletes engaging in esports. With a reputed personality like Amar Ratnam, an ex-pro gamer helming as a liaison between the players and industry as a whole, EPWA seeks to offer the best.

EPWA CEO and founder Ritesh Nath comments, “The future of esports in India is bright, especially due to the penetration of 4G and the subsequent surge in mobile gaming. Professional governance and structures are vital to the success of any sport; the absence of either in the esports industry in India is one of the key drivers that led to the formation of esports Players Welfare Association (EPWA). With the exponential increase in the number of esports players (amateur and professional) and avenues for them to earn a living, EPWA will strive to ensure their rights are protected by defining industry norms, setting regulations, and assisting relevant stakeholders to form policies.” 

 Director Shivani Jha says, “Esports has been in the limelight lately with attention being drawn to it thanks to its inclusion as a medal event at the upcoming Asian Games in 2022 and potentially an Olympic nod as well. As wide as the gaming industry may be, absence of any regulations or stringent rules in esports allows for exploitation of players. The top priority at EPWA will be to address player grievances regarding their legal obligations and contracts. EPWA will also work to bridge the awareness gap that exists in the country by educating the industry about the latest esports rules and regulations from India and around the globe.”

Being established on the values of fairness, equality, transparency and accountability, EPWA endeavours to support enrolled esports players, the most crucial part of the whole esports ecosystem with the following services-

Legal Advice: Professional and amateur esports athletes alike are bound by contracts with their teams, sponsors and tournaments- often biased in nature. EPWA proposes to offer sound legal advice with the objective of insulating the interest of the esports players associated with it.

Contracts: Contracts being the bedrock of any engagement need to be carefully accepted, as such EPWA proposes to review and flag off concerns in team contracts, tournament contracts and sponsorships/endorsements.

Career Advice: Navigating a career in esports can be challenging on most occasions. EPWA helps define the various professions in esports and equip them with tools to achieve their goals.

Dispute Resolution: Should any player be addressed with hostile situations vis-a-vis their contractual obligations, EPWA strives to guide them on a way forward themselves or through third-party legal counsel.

Community Building: EPWA aims to build a community of esports players from across the country where they can exchange ideas, communicate and become a unified voice for esports players in India. 

EPWA works on a membership format. A player or streamer must sign up on the website to become a member after which they will have access to the above-mentioned services and much more.