‘Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’ gets new DLC along with new season pass

The developer CyberConnect2 and publisher Bandai Namco have announced a new season pass for the open-world action role-playing game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. They have also announced that the game will be getting tons of new content and will be available on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in 2023.

Three new stories as downloadable content will be included in the game’s new season pass, the first of which is Additional Scenario: Bardock – Alone Against Fate. This DLC will concentrate on material from the Bardock: Father of Goku television special and feature a complete reproduction of the plot. Players will be able to engage in a massive boss battle with Frieza as well as interact with other Saiyans and members of the Frieza Force as they progress through the story.

The next two pieces of DLC included in the new season pass have not yet been revealed, so fans will have to wait a while before finding out what they will be.

The game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot made its debut in January 2020. It gives users a brand-new perspective on the enduring anime series’ narrative. Lighthearted side quests that give fans a closer look at the Dragon Ball characters and universe are included in addition to story arcs and gameplay that are influenced by the Cell Saga and Buu Saga. Kakarot has done well monetarily despite receiving mixed reviews from critics when it was first released. In its first week, the game sold over one and a half million copies and landed at number one in the U.K. and number two in Japan on the sales charts. Approximately seven million units shipped worldwide as of the end of the last year.

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