Demand for Lenovo gaming PCs in consumer segment may almost double this year

PC maker Lenovo recently shared that the demand for personal computers grew 40-50 per cent in the last two months as compared to the year-ago period, and the contribution of gaming PCs to its consumer segment may almost double this year, according to ET.

“Consumer market is now growing at a much faster pace than pre-COVID-19 times. If we look at June and July sales, the market would have been 40-50 per cent higher than last year June and July. We clearly see the market growing in high double-digit in gaming. That will continue. With these laptops the value market will grow much higher than the volume market,” Lenovo CEO and MD Rahul Agarwal said while announcing three new gaming series laptops.

Earlier the company unveiled three gaming laptop segments with their per unit price starting from Rs 79,990. Legion 7i starts at Rs 1,99,990, Legion 5Pi begins from Rs 134,990 and Legion 5i starts at Rs 79,990.

According to the spokesperson the gaming will also grow at a higher rate because people are looking at high computing power for accelerating their work which will drive sales for Legion PCs.

“We expect double-digit growth in gaming PCs. We are creating a value market. This could be 15to20 per cent of our consumer segment revenue. It was around 10 to 12 per cent earlier,” Agarwal said.

Even though the gaming laptops are of Legion-branded notebooks are made to appease the “pure gamer” segment, the way users see gaming laptops have changed over the years. They are no more as bulky as they used to be. Plus, gaming laptops excel at multimedia while still having the capability to meet the productivity needs.