Mobile RPG ‘Darkness Rises’ opens gates to new ancient ruin adventures

Nexon’s third-person action mobile role-playing game (RPG), Darkness Rises, keeps the battle between humans and orcs alive with a brand new March update available today.

The new March update unleashes a host of new content, including new adventure stages, accessories, Easter pets, costume decorations and more. The new stages called “Ancient Ruins,” offer players brand-new areas to explore and introduces new enemies and bosses to conquer, including the ancient Makara.

Players will also be able to prepare for combat with new arctic annihilation Rank L accessories, complete with multiple levels of skill enhancements. The update also includes PVP Matching improvements and new wing costume decorations.

Just in time for Easter, Darkness Rises will host celebrations themed around the holiday, including a costume decorating event. It also includes a new Easter pet and a live-ops event for players to enjoy.

Darkness Rises combines graphics, immersive gameplay and boss battles for iOS and Android. Darkness Rises has amassed over 23 million players, 35 million curated characters and 2.4 million completed quests since launch.