AMD Skyesports Streamers Showdown – ‘BGMI’ to feature 24 creators competing for Rs 15 lakh

Skyesports is bringing the AMD Skyesports Streamers Showdown with 24 of the region’s best creators competing in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) for glory and a share of the Rs 15 lakh prize pool. The nine-day event will happen from 7-15 July and will provide an intensity never before seen in an esports tournament exclusively for creators. 

The Skyesports Streamers Showdown is presented by AMD and powered by Rooter. It will feature creators like Ghatak, Kronten, Maxtern, Vaadhiyaar, Sharkshee, GodL Rebel, Midfail YT, Blind Psycho, Ruchir Jha, Guru Gaming, Spower, Vivone, Eagle Gaming, Natasha Gaming, Crow, Kaztro Shreeman legend, and Lolzzz. Each creator will form a team of four players. 

The event will kick off with the Launch Party on 7-8 July with all 24 teams competing. This will be followed by the League Stage on 9-11 July. Here, the 24 teams will be split into three groups of eight teams each and will compete in a round-robin format (two groups at a time). Six matches will take place per day for a total of 18 matches. The top 16 teams from the League Stage will advance to the finals. 

The AMD Skyesports Streamers Showdown BGMI Finals will happen on 12-15 July. The top 16 teams from the league stage will lock horns across four days for the ultimate glory. The prize pool split for each stage is as follows:

  • Launch Party: Rs 1 lakh

  • League Stage: Rs 1.5 lakh

  • Finals: Rs. 12.5 lakh

Skyesports CEO and founder Shiva Nandy said, “Creators play a very important role in the ecosystem and we are thrilled to bring an event worthy of these stars. The Skyesports Streamers Showdown’s Rs 15 lakh prize pool and sophisticated format sets it apart from any other content creator event and will provide a level of entertainment which fans have never seen before.”

The AMD Skyesports Streamers Showdown will be broadcasted in six languages on Skyesports’ YouTube and Rooter channels. The stream will begin at 12:30 pm IST on each match day. Fans will be able to tune into the competition in English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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