Controversy floats as former TSM player Arjun “Shadow” Mandhalkar joins GodLike Esports

Recently, former TSM player Arjun Mandhalkar aka Shadow joined GodLike Esports’ BGMI roster and Shadow’s former employer seems to be unhappy about it. TSM took it to social media and titled GodLike Esports as ‘unprofessional’ and that they ‘instigated the drama’ to let the player go for free.

As per TSM, no official buyout happened between the two teams; instead GodLike poached Shadow behind closed doors despite the player being under contract.

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Shadow also has been vocal about his move and said in an official Instagram post: “I have now decided to be a fighter in real life as well, by quitting toxic relations with certain companies/organisations, formed with intent to exploit esports players and fanbase. I have decided to challenge the boundaries, which are based on exploitation, harassment and threat as I don’t want to put bad example for you all by being exploited, harassed and insulted.”

Technically there has been a breach of contract since Shadow joined another organisation despite being under contract. But Shadow claimed he chose to break boundaries and said he did not want to be “exploited, harassed and insulted”
and has asked his fans for the support.

All this while Godlike’s response to the entire incident has been awaiting and finally, GodLike Esports founder Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude broke the silence and shared:

“There is constant slandering against GodLike in the media by an organisation with whom Shadow was associated with. The controversy is being created despite there being none. Shadow legally terminated his contract by sending a termination letter, post which he approached GodLike. We, at GodLike, followed all the legal and ethical procedures while engaging with Shadow, as he was not bound by any agreement in existence. However, Shadow’s erstwhile organisation started defaming Shadow as well as GodLike by releasing his personal chats on social media platforms, which is a violation of privacy and punishable under Indian law. If his erstwhile organisation had any legal ground then we fail to understand why they are defaming and slandering Shadow and GodLike on social media platforms rather than exercising their legal rights.

They know they are wrong but are harassing us by creating a hype on social media platforms. Due to constant slandering on media portals and news channels, we are constrained to make this statement that we are in the process of filing a criminal as well as civil case against the people who are releasing private chats and making defamatory statements against GodLike and also against one of the players who is openly abusing Shadow and GodLike on social media platforms. We have never acted below our dignity and never released any personal chats and have never cried foul on social media platforms or harassed anyone we believe in certain ethics. However, there are certain vested elements who are trying to pollute the Indian gaming scenario by targeting the players, Indian organisations and the brands endorsed by them. As Indians, we would now definitely like to teach such elements some Indian ethics and law.”

Since GodLike has decided to go ahead with legal action against TSM now, it will definitely become a bigger legal matter.