Rockstar Games confirms ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ footage was leaked as a result of a hack

The Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series’ creator, Rockstar, was the target of a significant breach on Sunday.

Media reports claim that a hacker going by the handle “teapotuberhacker” gained access to Rockstar’s servers and released three gigabytes of information, including more than 90 films from the much awaited and currently in-development Grand Theft Auto VI.

In a tweet, Rockstar acknowledged the leak and stated that the video published was of GTA VI’s early development. The creator reassured fans that this incident has no impact on the timeframe of the most recent instalment of the more than 30-year-old saga.

The hacker also asserted responsibility for the cyberattack on Uber last week and vowed to “release more material soon”—which might include source code, assets, and testing builds for both GTA V and GTA VI.

Grand Theft Auto is one of Rockstar’s longest-running franchises and has appeared in every gaming age, from the top-down isometric first two games in the late 1990s through the 3D era with GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas and the most recent HD era with GTA IV and GTA V.

The 2013 release GTA V is the most popular entertainment product ever, and sales are still growing steadily.

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