Codemasters and EA brings ‘F1 22’ cross-play which will allow to team up regardless of platform

 Codemasters and Electronic Arts confirmed that EA SPORTS F1 22 will be the most social F1 title to date, connecting more players around the world with the inclusion of cross-play, coming later this month. Ahead of the full integration at the end of August, players can compete with friends across PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC in two separate trials running 5-7 August and 12-14 August in Social Race and Two-Player Career modes.

“Cross-play brings all our players together and allows them to settle the score of who is the best driver across all platforms. Cross-play also allows us to create better matchmaking opportunities so players can compete against rival racers with similar attributes,” said Codemasters F1 senior creative director Lee Mather.

A highly requested community feature, cross-play integration will improve matchmaking and allow friends to come together regardless of platform. There is also the ability to disable cross-play for those who wish to compete solely against competitors from the same family of devices. Session hosts can invite friends on other platforms via the ‘Invite Friends’ option in the game lobby. Players can review and accept requests whilst racing by pausing the game and visiting the ‘Invites and Requests’ option.

F1 22 accurately represents the new era of Formula One with revolutionary cars, regulation changes with the inclusion of F1 Sprint, the introduction of the Miami International Autodrome, and circuit updates to Spain, Australia, and Abu Dhabi. New Adaptive AI adjusts the difficulty applied to AI competitors, adapting their speed and competitiveness, and Immersive and Broadcast options for Pit Stops, Formation Laps, and Safety Car periods increase the race-day authenticity.

F1 22 expands its features with F1 Life, a new customisable social hub that allows players to show off their collection of fashion, accessories, trophies and supercars. The eight collectable supercars can be driven on-track in the Pirelli Hot Lap feature, replicating the early part of the race weekend. The game also sees the return of My Team, now with three starting points, the acclaimed 10-year Career with two-player functionality, and multiplayer, including offline split-screen. VR also makes its debut on PC, offering the most immersive on-track F1 experience to date.