Comet, Tyroo’s gaming vertical, to help brands tap the uncharted territory of gaming and metaverse

Tyroo launches its new gaming vertical, Comet, in APAC. Taking the unique opportunity of the metaverse, gaming is set to be the next big brand space for businesses to shape consumer experiences. With 11 per cent of regular social media users and 56 per cent of influencers already believing they actively participate in the metaverse, the Indian domestic market expects a growth of more than 1500 CR in 2023. Additionally, esports consumption accounts for 26 per cent of the global internet consumption at present, creating multifaceted revenue opportunities for gaming in the metaverse.

With Comet, Tyroo initiates its journey into the vast metaverse of opportunities that lies ahead. The brand seeks to curate customer-centric experiences through in-game offerings, esports solutions, and creating metaverse IPs for brands. The company’s efforts are well-guided, with 41 per cent of regular social media users indicating that they believe social media is going to be soon replaced by metaverse. Additionally, 38 per cent of gamers into Roblox and Fortnite, enter these worlds to socialise along with gaming. Thus, with highly augmented online gaming, live entertainment, and social media interactions the global metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024.

 Tyroo CEO Siddharth Puri says, “Comet comes at a time when the synergy between consumer experiences and brands is at its prime. While Gen X and Millennials shift from social media (a well-tapped space by brands), Gen Z is a generation that socializes via virtual activities and augmented reality. If anything, the last two years has accentuated this effect, and presents a key moment of integration for all generations into this space of opportunities. We believe Comet will emerge as a unique business solution, for brands across verticals to make a play at capturing the extremely engaged audiences of the world of gaming and esports. This opportunity will help brands to access the Multiplayer world through AAA titles, shape experiences powered by augmented reality, boost creator productivity via NFT/shopping goods of the Web 3.0 and community building via interactive ownership of assets.”

“Tyroo Comet is set to bring this market together under a single umbrella. The unique deliverable from Comet includes technology that will enable greater transparency, measurability, and accountability pertinent to brands quickly moving into this space.  We will tap into the gaming ecosystem that’s at the forefront of the virtual world and seek to on-board early adopters of Web 3: Genz, Web3:0, uber savvy audiences who are already present in several gaming universes,” adds Tyroo CRO Akshay Mathur.  Additionally, with a unique focus on APAC audiences, Tyroo seeks to foster an open decentralised environment to celebrate, engage, and create larger-than-life social experiences using Virtual Worlds. The brand also plans to introduce some top AAA labels to the advertiser community through partnerships.

India is currently home to over 430 million mobile gamers and the number is estimated to grow to 650 million by 2025. Additionally, Tier-III cities have joined the bandwagon resulting in 100 – 200 per cent growth. As most gaming companies in the country struggle to reach a target audience that’s unique to their domain and tap into the Gen Z consumer base with sufficient sustainable purchasing power, Comet seeks to leverage this unique market opportunity and bring together consumers from various walks of life, like housewives, mothers, senior executives, irrespective of their age, gender, location, and so on initiating communication between brands and consumers. Tyroo’s funnel focuses on mobile gaming even at its preliminary stage encompasses e-sports, game streaming, content creation, and ends up in a confluence of commerce.

Using a decentralised ecosystem for bespoke brand activation and a robust esports calendar, Comet leverages a market of 450 million + high-engaged gamers across APAC and relevant cross-border channels. Comet’s ecosystem brings for scalable esports inventory access via IP creation for AAA titles such as BGMI and Fortnite, a method for measuring CPM based outcomes, and full-cycle operations management (end-to-end tournament operations, and influencer management.

As per research, in a world where nine in 10 Gen Z’s play games, and 29 per cent of global internet users are Mobile only gamers, 28 per cent are casual gamers, and 26 per cent are esporters, Comet’s opportunities are highly promising. Tyroo seeks to build a multi-market offering across APAC and create a unique opportunity to boost business synergy. Assisted by considerable traffic through engaging virtual social experiences like music, technology, gaming, playing, and sports, Tyroo’s COMET is streaking across a bright horizon!