Chemin Esports stood third in the grand finals of ‘8BIT Thug Invitational’ season five

Chemin stood third in the Grand Finals of BGMI’s 8BIT Thug Invitational season five tied on points with the second placed Enigma Gaming (260 points). Global Esports stood at first position with a total of 290 points.

Chemin Esports’ player Parth Garg aka CesDeltaPG gave an outstanding performance to secure his position in the list of top five FRAGGERS. He had a tally of 39 finishes just behind the Frag Leader who had 44 finishes.

Speaking on his team’s win, Chemin founder and director Ishan Varma said, “I am happy the way our team is performing, and the consistency to lead the leagues this year. This year, we are growing steadily and we plan to add Pokémon in our Esports line-up. We foresee to lead the Esport industry in the coming years.”

16 teams qualified for the grand finals from the group of 32 teams that were part of the BGMI’s League Stage of Thug Invitational season five. Chemin Esports qualified for the Grand Finals in style finishing on top of the table with 173 points, and Justin Nadar aka CesJUSTIN topped the FRAGGER list during the league stage with 33 finishes.

The league stage was scheduled between 9 to 17 May 2022 and the grand finals were from 18 to 25 May. 16 teams played 24 matches in four days. Brands like Monster Energy, LOCO, AORUS, Intel, and Villager Esports were associated with the BGMI’s 8BIT Thug Invitational season five.