Chemin Esports announces collaboration with Rooter

Chemin Esports has announced a collaboration with Rooter. The collaboration is an interesting development in the Indian esports sector as it brings together a leading esports organisation and a streaming platform together to create exciting content which can potentially reach India’s 500 million+ gamers and sports fans. As per a recent report, the increasing number of mobile devices and internet users are expediting the market growth of esports and streaming. The report states that driven by the surging popularity of esports and video games, the total global Live Streaming Market is estimated to reach $4290 million by 2028.

Commenting on the collaboration, Chemin Esports founder and director Ishan Verma said, “Esports is growing rapidly in India and Chemin is seeing great market success not only as an esports company but also as champions of various esports events. We have been one of the leading BGMI & Free Fire teams in the country. Our Free Fire Team were recently crowned champions of the Free Fire Pro League Winters 2021 whereas our BGMI Team won  the Skyesports Pro League. This showcases our caliber and the tremendous amount of content that we can create that will be followed by esports fans. We are super excited on collaborating with Rooter and see a great potential to grow together.”

 Rooter co founder and COO Dipesh Agarwal said, “We want the best Esports teams to stream on Rooter and we are delighted to add Chemin Esports to the list. They’ve been doing great recently and winning the Skyesports Pro League was a huge achievement. We are looking forward to creating amazing content with them for their fans on Rooter.”

Chemin Esports MD Diptanshu Saini added, “Chemin intends to not only entertain the esports fans in India but also educate the audiences in India about the important role that esports can play in the country for creating new opportunities for the youth. Our association with Rooter will help us in being more visible and enable us to contribute in the developing esports narrative in India.”

Rooter has quickly grown to become the largest game streaming and esports platform in India. In addition to Chemin Esports, Rooter has also teamed up with OR Esports, Orangutan, and many more top-tier teams. Recently, it has also bagged an exclusive media right deal for South Asia’s biggest esports tournament organizer, Skyesports.