Buckplay to release early access of ‘Swing Dunk’ on 16 September

South Korean developer Buckplay to release their physics-based basketball game, Swing Dunk, on Steam as Early Access on 16September 2021.

Swing Dunk is a new take on the basketball game genre where players play basketball on a hoverboard. With intuitive physics integrated, players will use the momentum from swinging the ball to do layups, shoot, and dunk.

Unlike typical basketball games where the ball is automatically aimed when shooting or passing, Swing Dunk is all about giving freedom of how to play. Because every action is non-targeted, players will have to manage the momentum of swinging the ball to shoot, pass, and dunk. With the dash system on the hoverboard that lets the players dash in any direction, even in midair, players can maneuver through enemy defense and score a goal in limitless ways.

Key Features:

  • Physics-based Basketball: With intuitive physics integrated, use the momentum from swinging the ball to shoot, pass, and dunk.

  • Hoverboard: Do flips and other amazing moves on the hoverboard to go through enemy defense, block/steal the ball from the opposing team, and seize better positions of the court

  • Online Co-op / Competition: With up to eight players (4v), crush the opposing team by cooperating with your teammates to make amazing plays

  • Customize Perks: With diverse perks that enhances various abilities, players can customize their character to fit their playstyle

  • Free-to-play: The game is free-to-play without any pay-to-win business model

  • Swing Dunk will be released on 16September 2021