‘Brutal Dinosaur’ wins the fifth fan favourite weekly vote at the Game Development World Championship

Brutal Dinosaur by Ánimas Games from Chile has won the fifth fan favourite weekly vote at the Game Development World Championship. The game mixes two styles of games, beat ’em up and shooter in a unique way. The game is available on Steam. 

With this voting victory, Ánimas Games moves on to the next round in Fan Favorite category. The team will meet other Weekly Vote winners in a final vote for the crown at the end of the GDWC 2021 season.

Second place was taken by For Evelyn by Kisuarts from Finland: “A story-driven fantasy adventure game with light RPG elements, an intriguing tale of love, betrayal, and the ultimate sacrifice.”

Third Place went to JEI VR by lineindevs from Russia: “When you launch Jei VR, you will immediately find yourself in the heat of battle. Your battle zone is the crossroads of a city formerly owned by civilians and now by WorldDynamics inc. You are surrounded and locked in a tight space with no escape.”

The GDWC team sends congratulations to the winning team and big thanks to all Nominees and voters. The weekly votes take place each week, from Monday to Monday and there are always nine new exciting games to check out and vote for. This week’s vote is already live on the event website at thegdwc.com.

This week’s nominees are: 
Big Boy Boxing by Soupmasters (Sweden)
Bullet Runner by Kami Games (Netherlands)
Demons of Asteborg by Neofid Studios (France)
HANI by Starmyth (South Korea)
Hero Among Us by Fire Horse Studio (Brazil)
Himmapan Marshmello Saga by FairPlay Studios (Thailand)
KAPIA by 2FOR2 (Serbia and Montenegro)
StarBall by Blanket Fort Games (USA)