Briefly Games2win ties up with AXN has announced its collaboration with AXN to promote its brand new show GAME MAX which is to premier on AXN India soon. Alok Kejriwal founder of commented This is an amazing association The fit of Game Max on AXN and our website games2win is perfect. What is really exciting is the way the format has been planned “ Viewers are invited to play specific games on the games2win website, and the highest scorers win a chance to actually appear on the AXN channel.” Rohit Bhandari “ Director of Sales and Marketing AXN – South Asia said, “This is the first time that viewers will actually be able to sample a slice of programming content by playing real games on a website and then actually appear on a game show if they score well. A new degree of interactivity using this new loop of watch the show “ play the game get on the show is captured in this association. “