Biggest game news of the week

This week has seen a huge mix of results for games. Unlike recent weeks, where most of the craze and hype came from Summer Game Fest, the last seven days have seen even excitement. Also, just as it happens, someone actually did release the next Avengers hero, revealed to be Lollipop Chainsaw and Skull and Bones, so it’s safe to say the excitement has pretty much been non-stop so it would seem. But the peak of news comes with the official release date and press release of Ragnarök, which certainly kicks off our news for this week’s game talk.

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Yes, Ragnarök is coming. The God of War is one of the most anticipated games of 2022. While there is a combination of most games this year getting delayed, it has been announced that we can expect it anywhere from 9 November. While Kratos fans have been fearing the worst, with speculations of the release date being even in mid 2023, all our minds have been put at ease with the official press release from PlayStation. So, maybe after all, Elden Ring will have some serious competition for the Game of the Year Award now, won’t it? With this game being out within the same year, the competition heat just took a level up. And for those who will opt for the special edition game, they will actually also get their own Mjolnir too. 

Skull and Bones, Yes, it’s happening!

While it has been such a long time coming Ubisoft has put us all out of our misery. They have confirmed that fans can look forward to the live service pirate game after waiting for years for a hint of a release date. Believe us when we tell you that we have been waiting years for the pending release of this. However, with the official release for Ragnarök

Being in November, it is believed that Ubisoft will push their release for Skull and Bones for September. The official release date is yet to be determined, however the announcement is due any day now, so keep your eyes peeled and ears opened. You definitely do not want to miss out on the excitement and build-up of enthusiasm.

Lollipop Chainsaw 

Just a few weeks before, publishers teased the general public with the promise of a new game, after the original had reached its 10-year anniversary. For those that find the OG game, as the best game of all time, quite a few gamers put their opinion out there, after an official remake release has been confirmed. Just shortly after, it was confirmed that even the original game developers from the first instalment were recruited for the remake, putting hope in the rest of us, that the remake will fulfil new promise and maybe take the game up a notch? We know we are being highly optimistic, but the quality of game graphics in general, who are we to not expect more, in a saturated industry that pretty much has conquered so much already? Now would seem like the perfect time for a remake, so it would seem. 

While not everyone can agree, one thing we will mention is that the new game is going to be released and return in 2023, with hope of a late spring release.

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