‘BGMI’ finally opens for iOS users; Twitterati and industry experts weigh-in

The wait is over for iOS users! KRAFTON, the South Korean video game developer, today announced the launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) on iOS for gaming enthusiasts and fans in India. The game is now available to download and play on the Apple iOS App Store for fans in India.

With the launch a ton of rewards are lined up for the fans of the game who’ve just joined the party! Starting off, all players will get exciting Welcome Rewards – the Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, the Celebration Expert Title and 300AG which can be redeemed together from the Event Center.  As a part of welcoming them to “India Ka Battlegrounds”, exclusive gifts like the Supply and classic Crate Coupons along with the Constable Set can be redeemed separately from the Event Center.

Earlier, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA had hit the milestone of 50M downloads, and Krafton had given out numerous rewards in celebration including the Galaxy Messenger Set, which is the third set of rewards waiting for fans playing on iOS as well.

On the launch, Trinity Gaming co-founder and CEO Abhishek Aggarwal said, “The esports fraternity was waiting for BGMI to be available on iOS. The roaring success of the multiplayer battle royale game with close to 50 million downloads showcases the positive response the exclusive game receives in India. Now that it is available to iOS users too, the esports segment expects to witness more esports enthusiasts joining the growing industry and more gaming content creators coming along the way. Trinity has been leading and supporting the young and dynamic talents growing in the space of esports, and we can foresee some big changes happening in the participation coming along with the BGMI iOS version.”

To download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, players can visit the app store and click on the “GET” button, and the rewards will automatically be available to claim inside the Event Center, once you’ve started and logged into the game. 

Like the Android version of the game, the iOS version of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is only available exclusively to play in India. Since its Android launch, the game announced that it has launched with an esports roadmap for the country therefore due to its iOS launch it will be able to cater to a larger number of players which will further drive new entrants in esports.

Speaking on the same, Ultimate Battle founder Tarun Gupta shared, “Adding yet another feather to its cap, the exclusive battle royale game BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will now be available on iOS. The move will lead to a substantial increase in the userbase and we can envision that the gaming community will thrive. We’ll also be looking into adding BGMI to our flagship tournament All India Esports league(AIEL) which will be launched very soon. At Ultimate Battle, BGMI was introduced on our esports platform a month back just after its launch. We witnessed great player participation with a noticeable spike in engagement rate around this battle royale game. As the game has already crossed the 50 million downloads mark, this launch will further fuel the esports ecosystem in India. More players in BGMI means more exciting actions in the esports arena.”

Studios have also started forming their rosters for BGMI tournaments and one of the teams formed is from Revenant Esports. The lineup of Revenant Esports consists of: Parichay ‘Paradox’ Bansal, Rishabh ‘Encore’ Katoch, Sujoy ‘AustinX’ Das, Ankit ‘TopDawg’ Mehra.
And on iOS launch of the game, Revenant Esports CEO Rohit Jagasia shared, “A lot of us in the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA  Scene have been really looking forward to the iOS launch. Not only for Team Revenant but for all the competitive teams out there, it was critical to have the game on iOS. Most pro players are used to playing on iOS devices and are more comfortable because iOS offers a smoother and a more fluid experience from a competitive point of view.”

Earlier some of the Indian iOS users also shared their grief on Twitter as the game only launched  for Android earlier; now since the game has launched on iOS, celebrations are in order. The iOS users have waited for 12 months and the wait was totally worth it. Here are some of the tweets: