‘Battlefield 2042’ is expected to feature cross-play 

EA has said that DICE is looking to build and test cross-play for Battlefield 2042, which means we can expect the game to have cross-play between PC and consoles like PS5 and Xbox series x/s. This cross-play will be tested in an invite-only Battlefield 2042 technical alpha this summer, so this shows that clearly there is progress in the right direction towards enabling cross-play, and we can fairly assume that Battlefield 2042 will have cross-play. 

On the website, EA says that “we’d like to give you an understanding of what we’re looking to achieve” and continues to evade any definitive statements but on the other hand says that we can “expect” PC and current-gen console cross-play, cross-progression, and “cross-commerce” support for Battlefield 2042 which means that other than just playing with console players it will be possible to transfer progress and in-game purchases between PC and Console versions of the game.

However, EA says that PC and console gamers will have the option to opt-out of playing with each other. Having cross-play in more games is a good thing for gamers and a step forward in the right direction for the entire gaming community. 

There is one thing that players won’t be able to opt-out from are the AI bots that will be filling up the servers, although there will not be many of them because there is an entire player base on consoles and PC to match with which is one of the positive points of cross-play. Older generation consoles PS4 and Xbox, will also have cross-play with each other. But they will be limited to the 64-player version of Battlefield 2042, as announced previously, and the PC and current-gen consoles will get the support for 128 players. 

Battlefield 2042 will be coming out this year on 22 October and is expected to feature cross-play. However, it has not been officially announced, and everything can be interpreted through the blog on the EA website that they are surely going in that direction, but EA may change their mind about it, or maybe they can’t deliver the feature on time with the game’s release, you never know as DICE has not really promised anything yet. 

EA play live is happening next week for Battlefield 2042, where we will be able to see the new throwback mode from the ripple effect, which is the studio formerly known as DICE LA. Sometime after that, we will hear about the other mystery mode, which is called Hazard Zone, and as EA says that it is not a battle royale. 

If EA can deliver this feature which enables players to cross-play among consoles and PC it will be a great thing for the game and the option to choose out of the cross-play is a brilliant idea because some PC gamers don’t like dealing with console players, so that way, they won’t be stuck with each other without having an option. However, the technical alpha testing is being kept a secret, and EA is not ready to talk about it clearly; and they will probably announce something when it is done, but for now, we need to wait and see what news comes forward in the days to come.     

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