Asus, Intel & ATI present World Game Master Tournament

It’s pouring gaming competitions these days.

The latest gaming competition in town is the International PC Gaming competition World Game Master Tournament (WGT). The preliminary rounds of the tournament are being held in four cities with the Bangalore and Pune laps over and Mumbai, Chennai yet to go. Counter Strike and DoTa All Stars are the two games that gamers can select from. Winners in every city will receive a cash prize of Rs.20,000 each.

Nine teams from each city will be selected to participate in the national finals which are to be held in Mumbai from13 -15 October ’06 finals. The grand prize at the finals is ASUS hardware worth a staggering Rs.200,000/-

The primary sponsors for the event are leading technology brands including ASUS, Intel and ATI. Speaking to Animation, Amit Jaokar, Technical Promotion Manager, ASUS iIndia concluded, “WGT will allow PC gamers to experience the best gaming hardware and make PC gaming a respected and young generation sport in India. ASUS is proud to partner with the leading technology vendors like Intel & ATI to redefine the perception about gaming. It is a top global manufacturer of high end gaming hardware and competitions like the WGT drive technology closer to end users.”

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