Are online rummy games safe and legal? Debunking the myths about the legality and safety of online rummy games

Be it playing with your loved ones or playing with strangers, online gaming has kept people entertained even through uncertain times and after long days at work. As the gaming industry prospered over the last couple of years, some people started wondering about the reliability and credibility of these online gaming platforms. The value of the online gaming industry in India increased tremendously from approximately US $875 million in 2019 to around US $1.023 billion in 2020. Expectedly, the value can go up to US $2.087 billion by 2023. Out of this, around US $335 million worth of a market share is held by online rummy games, which is expected to increase to US $1.4 billion by 2024.

With the industry booming at this fast pace, legality and safety have become the priority for players around the country today. It is difficult to assess which platform prioritises the safety of users. In addition to these platforms’ safety and security policies, there are states’ regulations governing these online platforms. With all of it combined, it all becomes nerve-wracking for people to find a single reliable online gaming platform. So we’ve come up with a checklist for you to assess the reliability of your online rummy platform. One online rummy platform that checks all the boxes, meets each and every requirement and allows you to play free rummy games online is the Junglee Rummy app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. 

1.  Legality

It is absolutely legal to play rummy in India on certified platforms like Junglee Rummy. The Supreme Court of India ruled in 1996 that playing any game of skill for real money as well as for free is legal and not gambling or betting. The court defined “game of skill” as a game in which the player’s success depends predominantly on the player’s skill, expertise, knowledge and experience rather than on chance or luck. Rummy is undoubtedly a skill game in which you need to use your card gaming skills and analytical ability. Thus, the Indian law protects the activity of playing a game of skill on a certified platform like Junglee Rummy.

2. TORF Certification

Whether a platform has TORF certification is an important aspect to cross-check its reliability. TORF certification ensures the regulation of standardised practices for all online rummy platforms and aims to protect user interest. TORF (The Online Rummy Federation, earlier called The Rummy Federation)  encourages the growth of the online rummy industry and establishes a safe environment for gaming across the country.  TORF certification ensures that the platform abides by the TORF standards and guidelines and promotes fair and responsible gaming. 

3. RNG Certification

The RNG (Random Number Generator) is a system that safeguards card dealing and seating arrangement from any human interventions and ensures fair play. The RNG makes operations automated and deals cards and assigns seats to players absolutely randomly, without any pattern or bias. The system generates unpredictable random numbers to deal cards, which protects the user’s interest and prevents any bias.

4. SSL Encryption

Secure sockets layer encryption is used to safeguard user privacy and maintain platform authenticity on the internet. The major role of SSL is to protect user data available on host websites from being accessible to any third parties. This means that all private details such as email addresses, passwords, etc. are protected and only you have control over your own account. SSL websites usually have an HTTPS URL instead of HTTP, which makes it very easy to recognise which platforms are reliable. All your personal information is kept fully confidential. 

 5. Real Opponents instead of bots

Competing with real players instead of bots is another thing that needs to be taken into consideration. Bots are designed to perform human activities and perform certain tasks without human directions. In order to play rummy online in a fair gaming environment, you need to ensure your platform does not encourage the use of bots. Credible platforms like Junglee Rummy do not use bots and ensure fair play.

6. Fair Play Policy

Your online rummy platform should have a fair play policy in place to ensure a safe gaming environment for all its players. Apart from using certifications and security software to protect user information, it is also essential that the platform takes responsibility for conducting fair matches on their portal/app. As per TORF’s guidelines, the fair play policy must ensure that there is no scope for any form of cheating or collusion to take place on the platform. Certain certified platforms like Junglee Rummy have incorporated unique algorithms that help detect and prevent any fraudulent activity at the tables and on the app.  

7. Customer Support

A good online rummy platform has a great customer support system to assist its players throughout their journey. This guarantees that the platform has a customer-centric approach. Customer service is vital to resolve your queries and issues.

Debunking Some Common Myths About Online Rummy

Myth: Rummy sites are illegal.

Truth: Certified rummy sites and apps are 100per cent legal in India. It is completely safe for you to play rummy online. A Supreme Court verdict has declared rummy a game of skills and stated that playing rummy for both real money and for free is legal and it is not gambling or betting, but business activity. 

Myth: The outcome of a rummy game depends on the player’s luck. 

Truth: Rummy is a skill game in which the outcome depends mainly on the player’s skills rather than luck or chance. Anyone who has great rummy skills and a good knowledge of rummy rules and strategies has the upper hand over a player who is learning to play the game. The Supreme Court has also said in its verdict that rummy is a game of skill in which the result depends predominantly on the player’s skills, expertise, knowledge, training and experience.

We hope this article helped bust some misconceptions and myths surrounding online rummy. You should take all these points into consideration the next time you wish to check the reliability of any online rummy platform. If you are looking for a certified and reliable platform to play rummy on, join Junglee Rummy. You can play cash rummy and win real money in prizes on the Junglee Rummy cash app, which can be downloaded from Junglee Rummy’s official website.