All-Star Games raises $1.5M in pre-Series A funding led by Lumikai

Gaming-focused venture fund Lumikai announced that it has invested $1.5 million, along with Play Ventures, in a pre-Series A round in the Indian midcore sports studio, All-Star Games (previously Deftouch).

However, as reported by, it is not just Lumikai that took part in the $1.5 million pre-Series A funding round. It was joined by Play Ventures.

“Our investment in All-Star represents the conflux of two massive white spaces. Deeper midcore gaming for India’s 400 million gamers, and the potential to build a next-generation, world-class cricket gaming franchise with true mass appeal,” said Lumikai general partner Justin Keeling.

Previously known as Deftouch, All-Star Games specialises in the sports genre, though it has a particular interest in the midcore cricket market.

So far, the Indian studio has launched two cricket games for mobile devices, while a third one is in the works.

“We’re buzzing to work alongside Lumikai fund. Their deep sector experience and strategic support will position us at the top of the game for the next part of our journey. Together with Harri (Manninen) and Henric (Suuronen) at Play Ventures, it’s an absolutely dream combination for the studio,” said Ninad Bhagwat CEO and co-founder All-Star Games.