AKEF Valorant Ultimate Battle’s IPL style players auction receives 200K+ total viewership

 The players’ auction in the esports world has become one of the key trends in 2021 which is giving the IPL feel to the ongoing leagues and tournaments. This time for the AKEF Valorant Ultimate Battle season one the federation has concluded the online players auction with 48 players sold to the eight-team owners.

The auction for the IPL model esports tournament in Kerala has created a milestone in the way with a record-breaking 200K+ total viewership. The eight-team owners went for some of the finest talent available, giving them a chance to unleash their potential and make an impact in the upcoming tournament. With owners dipping hands into their large pockets for top players, Mindfuq sold to Dafuq Demons for 50 lakh AKEF Coins, which turned out to be the most expensive buy. While the duelists seem to have high demand, Fuze, an initiator sold to Psychos Aces, became the second most expensive buy. 

The tournament is set to begin on 13 June, giving the teams a week’s for practice and bonding. The whole tournament, including the finals on 27 June, will be streamed live on AKEF Youtube Channel.

The auction live-streamed on AKEF Youtube Channel has received an enormous response from the Kerala Gaming community with 10K+ concurrent watching and a total viewership of 200K+. The latter turned out to be the top viewership count among the esports auctions held in the country.