Activision says claims on ‘Call of Duty’ account hack are not true

After a Call of Duty  user rumored an information rear of tube of accounts but Activision’s spokesperson said, “Activision Call of Duty accounts haven’t been compromised. Reports suggesting otherwise aren’t correct,” according with Gamespot.

The breach was later confirmed by a bunch of content creators including TheGamingRevolution, Prototype Warehouse and Okami. As per the claims there are as many as 500,000 accounts have been illegally accessed have spread since the weekend

However, Activision has denied these claims saying that no accounts have been compromised. It urged users to take precautionary measures, wherever possible. They have released a statement via Twitter assuring that this is not the case.

The company notes that players ought to receive emails once major changes square measure created to their Call of Duty accounts, further it noted that players should ought to reach to Activision support if they failed to build these changes. Activision additionally stressed that it takes privacy seriously and it investigates security problems. The brand additionally suggested players to use these varied methods to make certain their accounts keep secure.