96Ace Gambling: How to choose the best online casino in Malaysia

When one has to choose a legitimate pay to play online casino platforms in Malaysia, one has to be extra conscious in making the right choice. Since it involves money one shouldn’t be unsure with the quality of the casino. 

Before selecting an online casino in Malaysia a lot of things need to be considered before selecting a casino. Here are the Casino Guide Malaysia:

  • Online gambling is technically illegal in Malaysia. It is clearly illegal to host an internet gambling site. However, it is not yet clear if patronizing an online casino is legal or not. Mostly, online gambling is overlooked.
  • To know the banking methods available at the online casino, you just have to go over to the Cashier section. Here you will find the deposit and the withdrawal methods that the site provides. You will also get to know the minimum deposit for the casino.
  • Choose a reputable and trustworthy gambling site where you can win a variety of bonuses for sportsbook, online football betting, live casino, and casino games like online poker. For sportsbooks, it provides free betting odds for all.One of the best online casinos to win real money is 96Ace.
  • Identify the user requirements  and then choose the site. If someone is looking for a no-deposit bonus, or cash back bonuses with no wagering requirements. This depends on what sort of games the user wants to go ahead with. For example:

    96Ace Online Gambling Malaysia has all the famous and favourite gambling games for everyone. They have entertaining, fortune-making games that are desirable. 96Ace is running on an advanced and constantly updated system, which makes for a fast and smooth gameplay amidst the beautiful, elegant and realistic casino landscape. No lags, no glitch and no worries gameplay. 96Ace is affiliated with many experienced and trusted gaming providers, where one can pick-and-play an extensive amount of high-quality games that gives an authentic gambling experience. Types of online casino games available on the 96 Ace platform include:
  1. Live casino Malaysia
  2. Online slot games 
  3. Sportsbook
  4. Online Poker 
  5. Online Lottery

Here are the reasons why one should choose 96Ace Online Casino Malaysia: 

96Ace offers endless bonuses, rebates and promotions

96Ace is famed for their endless, generous amount of bonuses. The bonuses begin right after a player signs up as 96Ace member and will immediately receive 120 per cent Welcome Bonus along with Live Casino FREE888 and Live Casino FREE68 depending on the deposit amount.

Throughout gameplay, players will receive more bonuses as they play. Players will earn up to 20 per cent Daily Bonus, 10 per cent Unlimited Slot Bonus, five per cent Unlimited Live Casino Bonus and 9.6 per cent Rescue Bonus. Players will receive a Birthday Bonus on their birthday and even bonuses for attendance in 96Ace.

Besides bonuses, there will be numerous rebates such as the one per cent Live Casino Rebate, 1.5 per cent Sport Rebate and one per cent Slot Rebate. Regardless on the win or lose, 96Ace’s priority is that the players are enjoying all time with us. Their bonuses and rebates help players to earn and minimise losses, so that one can enjoy more with 96Ace online casino Malaysia. So, this is one of the reason why 96Ace can become one of trusted online casino Malaysia.

96Ace VIP member benefits

96Ace’s VIP member is open for all. Players may select one of the 4 VIP membership categories ranked from bottom to top; Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Signature, each with their own exclusive benefits with Signature being the one with the complete perks.

Along with the daily bonuses and rebates, there are additional perks for VIP members which is eight per cent Unlimited Live Casino Bonus, 15 per cent Unlimited Slot Bonus, 30 per cent daily bonus and more.

In brief, being 96Ace’s VIP member will give you access to various exclusive privilege and greater bonuses. More to that, you are able to gain additional rewards by referring your family and friends to become 96Ace VIP members. The more you refer, the more you earn.

96Ace’s safety and security

Players are probably worried of frauds and scams when they are gambling online. Rest assured, 96Ace pride themselves to be the most secure and trusted online casino out there. Here are some of the reasons why players can trust 96Ace and consider as as one of trusted online casino Malaysia:

  • 96Ace work with major, legitimate and reliable banks like CIMB Bank, Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, BSN, RHB, and AmBank for players to perform money withdrawal and deposit with a peace of mind.
  • 96Ace cashier system is advanced and always updated. Hence, this makes for a very convenient, quick and easy money transferring system.
  • 96Ace is always on high alert of scammers and has a system that detects and blocks scammers quickly and easily. 96Ace always announces about suspicious activities and scammers whom they have nabbed and exterminated.
  • 96Ace practices are bound by high ethics and transparency. Being an established veteran in the industry, 96Ace lives up to their honourable passion of creating a safe gambling haven for everyone.
  • 96Ace always encourage their members to gamble responsibly.

Is 96Ace legitimate? Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

Online gambling is technically illegal in the context of Malaysia’s governance. Good news is that 96Ace is licensed by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) which makes 96Ace a legitimate online casino that no one has to worry about.

With PAGCOR license, players won’t be considered gambling within Malaysia region but gambling via an international license which is recognised internationally, which proves itself to be a legitimate online gambling site.

As mentioned earlier, 96Ace practices a system bound by high ethics and transparency along with a tightly secured system with advanced firewall that keeps every member information safe and confidential.

With such utmost care and security to your rights and concern, we ensure that you will be gambling in good hands with 96Ace.


Responsive and helpful customer support/service

A lot of gamblers listed 96Ace casino as one of trusted online casino Malaysia, because 96Ace are always there for its users. Just reach out to them anytime via website’s 24/7 live chat option or contact them via WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype and email. They are always open to enquiries and ready to assist players at all times. Rest assured, this is the most secure and customer-friendly gambling website you have ever visited. Again, users are gambling in safe hands with 96Ace.

Everything is straight forward and simple. Just click on a button to register, fill in your details, and you are good to go. From thereon, players can enjoy every exciting games available such as live casino, poker, slots, sportsbook, lotteries and more with numerous bonuses, rebates and promotions. 96Ace, Malaysia’s best and trusted online casino, is here to fulfil your gambling needs…and who knows, you may earn your dream fortune too.