10 game releases to look out for in May 2022

Here is our pick of game releases that will release in May 2022:

Trek To Yomi (5 May): It is an action adventure game. As a vow to the dying master, the young swordsman Hiroki is sworn to protect his town and the people he loves against all threats. Faced with tragedy and bound to duty, the lone samurai must voyage beyond life and death to confront himself and decide his path forward. The game visuals are in the spirit of classic samurai film with a cinematic experience. Players need to engage in vicious swordsmen and supernatural beings with a streamlined combat system based around the traditional weapons of the samurai.
Platform: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters (5 May): It is a RPG strategy game where lead humanity’s greatest weapon, the Grey Knights, against the corrupting forces of Chaos in this brutal and fast-paced turn-based tactical RPG. Root out and put a stop to an insidious plot to infect the galaxy with the Bloom, an intergalactic cosmic plague capable of rotting worlds into oblivion.Armoured in faith, shielded by devotion, the Grey Knights’ very existence is rooted in mystery, enforced with mind-wipes and executions. Players will experience life in the 41st millennium and follow the journey of these elite warriors in a narrative penned by acclaimed Black Library author, Aaron Dembski-Bowden.
Platform: PC

Salt and Sacrifice (10 May): A once-peaceful kingdom is plunged into chaos by encroaching tides of Mages: merciless embodiments of elemental chaos. The Marked Inquisitors, a doomed force of the condemned, once again mobilises to stand against the existential threat of Magic. A buried secret threatens to bring an ancient empire to utter ruin.In a land plagued by powerful and twisted Mages, the condemned Marked Inquisitors take up the hunt.As a marked inquisitor, you’ll journey through the western frontier: pursuing, hunting, and obliterating the Mages that roam the realm. You may be bound to the Inquisition, but your choices are yours.
Platform: PS4, PS5, PC

Evil Dead: The Game (13 May): Step into the shoes of Ash Williams or his friends from the iconic Evil Dead franchise and work together in a game loaded with over-the-top co-op and PVP multiplayer action! Play as a team of four survivors, exploring, looting, managing your fear, and finding key items to seal the breach between worlds in a game inspired by all three original Evil Dead films as well as the STARZ original Ash vs Evil Dead television series. Play as characters from throughout the Evil Dead universe, including Ash, Scotty, Lord Arthur, Kelly Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar, and more, with new dialogue performed by Bruce Campbell and others! Fight for the forces of good or take control of the powerful Kandarian Demon to hunt Ash and other players while possessing Deadites, the environment, and even the survivors themselves as you seek to swallow their souls!
Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PC

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong (19 May): Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is an upcoming role-playing video game developed by Big Bad Wolf and published by Nacon. It is based on White Wolf Publishing’s tabletop role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade, and is part of the larger World of Darkness series. The player controls three vampires with different vampiric disciplines (abilities), switching between them over the course of the game. The player can customise the characters by choosing to upgrade their disciplines and character statistics to suit their preferred playstyle; this influences character interaction and skills used while exploring the game world, such as picking locks and hacking computer terminals. Because the player characters often are surrounded by humans, the player needs to be careful about when and where they choose to use supernatural abilities, to avoid revealing their characters’ vampiric nature. Throughout the game, the characters are put in difficult situations where the player has to make moral choices with no obviously correct choice.
Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PC

Deliver Us The Moon (19 May): Deliver Us The Moon  is an adventure-puzzle video game.Deliver Us The Moon is a puzzle adventure game experienced at various points of the narrative from either a first-person or a third-person perspective, which is determined by the type of action that must completed. For example, the camera shifts to a first-person perspective when the player controls a floating robot tied to a puzzle.The player assumes the role of an astronaut who is launched to the moon onboard a space shuttle to investigate a series of seemingly-abandoned facilities, where an important resource which plays a vital role in solving an energy crisis on Earth is mined for use. The game does not contain any combat sequences, although it is possible for the player character to die as a result of failing a gameplay sequence, necessitating a retry.
Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X|S

Dolmen (20 May): Dolmen is a terrifying new action RPG that combines futuristic sci-fi and cosmic horror elements.Players need to bring back samples of a crystal with particularly unique properties; the so-called Dolmen.These crystals are capable of allowing interaction between realities, revolutionising space exploration and changing the known world forever.In Dolmen players will grow stronger with each battle! Experience a rich combat system with various weapons and moves at your disposal. Switch natively between melee and ranged combat to overcome the most challenging enemies Revion Prime has to offer. Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Sniper Elite 5 (26 May): Sniper Elite 5 offers unparalleled sniping, tactical third-person combat and an enhanced kill cam. Fight your way across the most immersive maps yet, with many real-world locations captured in stunning detail, and an improved traversal system that lets you explore more of them than ever before.France, 1944 – As part of a covert US Rangers operation to weaken the Atlantikwall fortifications along the coast of Brittany, elite marksman Karl Fairburne makes contact with the French Resistance. Soon they uncover a secret Nazi project that threatens to end the war before the Allies can even invade Europe: Operation Kraken.
Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Pac-Man Museum+ (27 May): It is an upcoming compilation title featuring games from the Pac-Man series. Like the previous collection, Pac-Man Museum + features fourteen games from the Pac-Man franchise, ranging from arcade titles to home console/handheld releases. Each game is presented as originally shown, alongside the original games having missions added. The game features a customisable arcade mode, where the player can control Pac-Man and explore a virtual arcade. The arcade can be customized with decorative objects that can be purchased by spending coins, which are earned by playing games and completing missions. Coins are also used to play arcade games
Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PC

SnowRunner (31 May): SnowRunner is an off-roading open world simulation video game where the player’s job is to deliver cargo to different locations while driving over rough terrain. The game has a damage system superficially similar to BeamNG.drive, in which there is both damage on the physical model and also damage shown through a user interface (UI). Each of the game regions is set after a disaster has taken place, whether natural like a flood or manmade, such as a pipeline breaking. Apart from the Yukon map available as a DLC, every location is a rural region in either the northern United States or Russia. As the player progresses by doing certain missions, they earn money which can then be spent on either upgrades for their current vehicles or better vehicles altogether. Both of these usually make it easier for the player to traverse the game’s difficult terrain.
Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X|S