10 game releases to look out for in January 2021

A happy new year everyone! As the month of January is here, check out our pick of game releases that will see the light of day in January 2021:

Iron Conflict (7 January): Fight for glory in Iron Conflict, an online competitive real-time strategy game that features both modern and WW2 aircraft and tanks. Players need to make use of military tactics and choose from hundreds of different units to win on the ground and in the air. In Iron Conflict, one can assemble a squad composed of three types of historically-accurate war machines (units) to fight on hand-crafted battlefields supporting up to 10 players on each side. Command a fearsome fighting force with unmatched firepower and put a strategic test in this online strategy and tactics game powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Platforms: PC

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (12 January): It is a roleplay tactical game, a unique hybrid between turn-based tactical games and traditional, character-centric RPGs. Knight’s Tale is a modern retelling of a classic Arthurian mythology story filtered through the dark fantasy tropes, a twist on the traditional tales of chivalry. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is coming to Steam’s Early Access on 12 January 2021. The game will also be released later on for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Players walk the steps of Sir Mordred, the nemesis of King Arthur, the former black knight of the grim tales. When the player killed King Arthur, his dying breath, has struck the player down. Both died – and yet, both live. The Lady of the Lake, the ruler of the mystical island of Avalon brought the player back to end a true nightmare. She wants the player to go on a knightly quest. She wants the player to finish what the player has begun. Kill King Arthur – or whatever he has become after she took his dying vessel to Avalon.

Platforms: PC

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition (14 January): Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game is a side-scrolling beat ’em up game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Chengdu and published by Ubisoft, based on the Scott Pilgrim series of Oni Press graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley and tying in with the release of the film of the same name. Loosely following the story of the graphic novels, up to four players can play as Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Kim Pine or Stephen Stills (along with the unlockable character NegaScott and the downloadable characters Knives Chau and Wallace Wells), who must battle through seven levels in order to defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes. Characters have their own individual movesets, which can be expanded upon by gaining enough experience, and are also able to use weapons. Each player has Heart Points and Guts Points, the latter of which can revive players if they are knocked out, or be used to perform special moves such as summoning Knives Chau or the unlockable assist character Mr Chau. Defeating enemies earns coins which can be spent in shops to purchase items that can replenish health or boost stats.

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Switch, Stadia

MXGP 2020 (14 January): It is a motor racing game where one has to jump on a bike and take control: discover the road. Challenge all the riders, bikes and teams in the 2020 MXGP and MX2 categories. Build the racer in you and become the champion you’ve always dreamed of being. Create the perfect track with the revolutionary new editor. Choose from different settings, take advantage of new elevations and share the creations with the community. Improve the riding in this training area, inspired by the suggestive Norwegian fjords, and explore the stunning scenery. Take competition to a new level with Waypoint mode! Create your own route by placing checkpoints on the ground, earn points which helps to progress through the game!

Platforms: PS5

Hitman 3 (20 January): Hitman 3 is an upcoming stealth game developed and published by IO Interactive. The game will be the eighth main instalment in the Hitman series and the third and final instalment of the World of Assassination trilogy, following Hitman and Hitman 2, in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary. Hitman 3 is a stealth game played from a third-person perspective and players once again assume control of assassin Agent 47. In the game, 47 will travel to various locations and carry out contracted assassinations of criminal targets across the globe. The base game features six new locations, including Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, and Chongqing. Players who owned Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018) will be able to import maps, levels and their progress into Hitman 3.

Platforms: PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Stadia

Ride 4 (21 January): It is a simulated sports racing game. Choose among hundreds of officially licensed bikes and ride on dozens of tracks all around the world, designed with a level of detail! Every asset has been created starting from CAD data, laser and 3D scanning to achieve precision down to the smallest detail and let the player enjoy the best two-wheel racing experience ever. Jump into an adventure that interacts with decisions and choose your own path from the regional events up to the professional leagues. Show the riding skills through challenging races, ability tests, track days and a huge set of events.

Platforms: PS5, XSX

FAU-G (26 January): Fearless and United Guards is an upcoming online multiplayer action game being developed by Bengaluru headquartered nCore Games. The game has recorded the highest number of pre-registrations in less than 24 hours on the Play Store in India. The game was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar through his Twitter and Instagram accounts on 4 September 2020. The promoters claimed that the intention of the game is to support Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s AtmaNirbhar Bharat Movement and 20 per cent of the net revenue generated from the game would be donated to Bharat Ke Veer trust.

Platforms: Mobile

Encodya (26 January): It is an adventure game set in Neo Berlin 2062. Tina – a nine-year-old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her big clumsy robot guardian –in a rooftop makeshift shelter in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by corporations. Tina is an urban jungle kid, who has learned to live alone, scavenging from city dumpsters and eking out a living from scraps. Her funny robot is always with her, programmed to protect her no matter what. One day, the little girl discovers that her father left her an important mission: to finish his plan to save the world from greyness! Tina and SAM embark on an incredible adventure across different realities full of bizarre robotic creatures and grotesque human beings. Through puzzles and exciting dialogues, they’ll find out the true meaning of being alive.

Platforms: PC

Ryte: The Eye of Atlantis (27 January): It is an adventure game where the VR experience takes through an epic journey as one travel back to the ages of mythical Atlantis. This ancient Greece and Myst-inspired VR adventure game, has players discover an authentic depiction of what historians and philosophers like Plato or Herodote imagined the long lost fantasy civilization of Atlantis to be. Set sail to the legendary city of Atlantis, standing atop the fertile central plains of a mountainous island which rose straight from the ocean of ancient Greece. Visit the citadel’s main harbour sprinkled with outdoor markets filled with occult artefacts, statues and worshipping venues. Meet the village fishermen and its sacred temples, acquire supernatural powers and let your spiritual beliefs guide you through the Atlanteans religious wisdom and mysticism practices.

Platforms: PC VR

The Medium (28 January): The Medium is an upcoming psychological horror video game developed by Bloober Team. The Medium is a psychological horror game played in third-person as Marianne, a medium who can travel into the spirit realm. Being able to inhabit both worlds aids puzzle solving. Her psychic abilities may also be used against hostile forces and are recharged by interacting with energy spots called spirit wells.

Platforms: PC, XSX