MIPCOM 2017: Landmark Agreement signed for Original Korean Animated Show at Asia, Europe and US

From left Ares Films’ Pierre Metais, Loco Entertainment’s Kyu June Hwang and Lacey Entertainment’s Brian Lacey
A landmark agreement has been signed at MIPCOM 2017! Yes you heard it right. Paris based Ares Films, Newyork based Lacey Entertainment and Seoul based Loco Entertainment did a first time collaboration between the three territories that is – Asia, Europe and the US. A tripartite worldwide co-production and co-distribution deal was signed at MIPCOM this year. This agreement will churn out an original Korean show to global audiences in early 2019. The show has been named as ‘Celebrina In Birthday Wishland’. It has 52 episodes, 11 minutes each format as well as 26 episodes/ 22 minutes format. In this series the ballerina princess takes children on adventures in her magical realm to fulfil their birthday wishes. The show will be airing on KBSI and various cable channels including Animax,Channel A,Daegyo Kids Channel and IPTV. Loco Entertainment will finish up the production series two in 2017. Lacey said, “Its an adavantage that Asian audiences will be familiar with our main character. We absolutely love the positive storylines in this show and how children learn something about themselves and their dreams during each adventure. It gives a message at its very core that everyday is a celebration for a child.” Ares Films president Pierre Metais said, ” We have pulled together outstanding creative writing and music talent from the US and terrific CG animation production talent from Korea. This series will attract a very loyal following.” According to Lacey Entertainment, ¬†Celebrity In Birthday Wishland¬† will not tamper with the original series to enable worldwide distribution.