MIPCOM 2017: Groundbreaking success for Phillippines as Synergy 88 brings out first IP ‘Barangay 143’

From left Phillippines Export Marketing Bureau assistant Director Anthony Rivera with Barangay 143 voice stars Cherie Gill and John Arcilla, and Synnergy 88’s Jackeline Chua
Philippines animation and games developer Synergy88 has teamed up with Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi and Singapore’s  August Media Holdings. It has come up with  new anime series Barangay 143 to the global market. It is the story of a young talented basketball player who quits the game after a personal family tragedy and moves to Phillipines. Synergy 88 producer and managing director Jackeline Chua said, “This is ground breaking for us that the IP for the series is Filipino.That’s why Barangay 143 is one of its kind.” Big step for Phillippines as the country enters into creating its own Intellectual property. Actors like John Arcilla and Cherie Gill will be dubbing as voice actors for the series who are well known names in the country. Gil said, ” It is the first anime to be made in Philippines told by Filipinos in Tagalog which will hopefully be dubbed into different languages. The story is very much something a global market that can identify with crime,drama and mystery.” It is available as 13 episodes, 44 minutes or 26 episodes/22 minutes format. The anime style production is based on Phillipines. It targets young adults, young basketball fans. Phillipine Government’s Export Marketing Bureau assistant director Anthony Rivera said, ” On the Government side we would like to develop the Philippines animation industry.” The bureau supported eight producers on its MIPCOM stand. He added, ” We want to transform our country from being just service providers to  IP asset owners. We are encouraged by Barangay 143’s success and that’s why we want to support the Filipino animation industry. That’s the reason that our Govt has sponsored the MIPCOM stand to bring out more such potential projects.”