Day three of IndiaJoy festival witnesses a starry mix of gaming experts grace the IGDC aisles

Media and Entertainment industry is at crossroads with creators and consumers multiplying by the day. The boom of digital has brought massives waves of new content in a short span of time. India Game Developer conference witnessed a similar theme unfold as it ensued with a variety of gaming entrepreneurs and geniuses sharing their market tricks and wisdom with the attendees.
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While InfluencerCon saw a starry conglomeration of social media experts and content creators, IGDC halls packed a definitive gathering of gaming experts from around the world. Becoming the milestone event spanning over 360 degree aspects of gaming industry and sussing the ebbs and flows of the industry, the conference was divided into six sections in reverence of gaming business, game design, game art, the technology used in gaming, applied games and gaming career.
Green Gold founder Rajiv Chilaka
The proceedings of the day were taken ahead in a massive auditorium for the keynote speech advanced by Green Gold Animation founder (Chota Bheem fame) Rajiv Chilaka. Throughout the session, he spoke about his inspiring journey from his first project Bongo to Chota Bheem and his plans to expand further into the OTT universe with more characters and offerings. Speaking about his recent number one Netflix show in the kids’ category Mighty Little Bheem, he joked, “well its always fun creating babies, be it on screen or otherwise”
Avalanche Studios game developer Francesco Antolini
Avalanche Studios game developer Francesco Antolini delved into the nuances and intricacies of game development. Speaking about their game Just Cause four, he revealed that while he took extra care of the fidelity and pixels to make the third part of the game more realistic, Just Cause’s fourth part is going to house even more options and diversity in terms of gaming experience. Putting the spotlight on the evolution of gaming, publisher development manager of Facebook audience network Nishant Joseph Verghese shared market insights and the profitability of rewarded video. Through series of slides, he charted out the way in which rewarded videos have been beneficial over the years.
Facebook representative Nishant Joseph Verghese
Riot Games VFX professional spoke further about VFX in gaming and how it enhances the user experience with water effects, fire effects and action sequences. Memesys Culture Lab’s Zain Memom enlarged upon their journey of venturing into gaming and films. He spoke about understanding the purpose, science and tools needed to produce the stories that people consume. Tiazu CEO Joseph Kim delved into the strategies needed for making new games and pitfalls that one must avoid in the development process. Day four of IndiaJoy concluded with the promise to return bigger and better.