Bengaluru GAFX 2019’s offering ‘The Sketchbook’ invites experts to shed light on their craft

With each passing day, Bengaluru GAFX 2019’s expanding list of offerings sets the landscape abuzz. Their latest offering, The Sketchbook, a space that sees the intersection of some of the best talents in India shedding light on their wishes, formulas, recipes and confessions through sketches and a breadcrumb trail of their artistic evolution, is decked up to be an immensely stimulating event for the attendees and students alike.
The Sketchbook
An ode to that god, much forgotten! Times when they presence matters the most. Here we gather, an ensemble in celebration…. All Hail the real force of nature – Imagination!Manoj A Menon The Sketchbook comprises of carefully curated artists handpicked for their unique artistic personalities. They are independent creators of content, independent animation filmmakers and illustrators mixed with art directors and principal artists from Top Studios and Gaming companies. The one thing that is common to all is The Sketchbook. It is here that their ideas are born, incubated and nourished before it takes shape on a larger canvas.
In the Clay Garden
The summit is aiming a higher benchmark by flying down such an eclectic array of artists for Sketchbook from different walks of life. The collective brushstrokes is likely to invigorate the spirit of GAFX 2019, setting that bar high on creative summits in the country.
Curated by PC Vikram and jointly hosted by Manjor A Menon, Venugopal G and BN Vichar, Sketchbook will bring a list of artists from the creative turf. Anand RK, Saumin S Patel, Ratheesh K, Kandha Swamy, Somnath Pal, Vijay Arumugam, Senthil Kumar, Hrishi M Sagari, MK Lathish Kumar, Rajesh PK, Abhishek Kesarkar, Rohan Baikar, Vajra Pancharia, Prathiksha Bhat, Sri Priyatham, Sanjana Desai, Anandhasai, Shyam Deshpande, Leonard Beltrar, Felix Jackson, Rahul Philip, Ayan Choudary, Bala Sutar, Rajesh K, Pankaj Bafila, Lilian D’Mello, Tarun Kumar are some of the names that will be gracing the event. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to share a space with so many of the creative stalwarts. We shall keep you updated on further development.