Here’s all you need to know about “enTTech” by Service Exports Promotion Council (SEPC)

  1. Service Exports Promotion Council (SEPC) is set to organise enTTech – a B2B market for the media and entertainment services sector. So, what is the idea behind the event?

    enTTech, is an unique effort to bring together Indian Services Industry in the M&E space and the companies from across the globe is taking off with great gusto. This might be the absolutely perfect time to debut an effort like enTTech. Given India’s solid IT backbone, enTTech is a beautiful fit in that effort. What’s the mandate and core vision of the Service Exports Promotion Council (SEPC) from the Media & Entertainment Services perspective? Services Export Promotion Council has been set up by the Ministry of Commerce of the government of India. Their mandate is to promote export of services from India. Services form over 60 per cent of India’s GDP. India also ranks eighth in the world in Services trade. Having said that, there is much scope for greater traction in Services with the rest of the world. The M&E sector is only going to grow exponentially. With the strong IT backbone, India is very well placed to make the most of this growth. SEPC wants to encourage small companies to find a toe-hold in the global market in this sector. As for the larger players of this sector, the vision is to spread and deepen their foot print in the world. That is the primary vision behind this prospect. How’s India placed in the M&E services domain? What are the sectors included in the M&E services vertical for enTTech? India seems to be doing very well in the M&E Services domain. In almost every major blockbuster produced anywhere in the world, there is an Indian foot print. Be it VFX, animation, gaming, AR/VR, Indian companies are doing a great job in providing back end support. Indian companies are also now waking up to IP creation. According to SEPC, the future looks fantastic, and the organisation is happy to be part of that. Looking to that future they have included all Services verticals relating to the M&E sector – Animation, gaming, VFX, AR/VR, new media, dubbing, subtitling, music, advertising in enTTech. Their aim is to create a “true market place in India, the first of its kind.” How can overseas production companies looking to offshore M&E services from India benefit from participating in enTTech? The aim is to have most Indian companies participating at enTTech. Therefore anyone travelling from overseas, will be able to connect to a whole array of companies from India – young, not-so-young, small, large, in every vertical, as mentioned above. The event will also see InvestIndia to hand hold any company desirous of investing in India.

    Will all Indian M&E services company be under one umbrella at enTTech?

    Yes. As mentioned above, SEPC is working with MEAI from Bangalore, TVAGA from Hyderabad. It is being made into an inclusive effort.

    enTTech will have a dedicated conference flow. What are some of the conference themes this year?

    Being the debut year, the panels will cover all major verticals such as VFX, gaming, animation. Some prominent Indian and international personalities are also expected at the dais. Master classes with them seems to be a great opportunity for Indian companies. The event will also delve on regulatory issues, skilling requirements, investment and more.

    India has a strong startup ecosystem in various verticals? Will this get reflected in startup engagement in the M&E services space?

    The event has kept a session exclusively for the youngest 20 CEOs with the minister. The top leaders seem to be keen on engaging with young India.

    Here’s what the organisers stated when asked about what would be the best use of the attendees’ time at enTTech?

    “Engage with each other within the country, engaged with the guest participants. Together let’s create a symphony which takes this sector to a crescendo. Enjoy the sessions. Put forth your views frankly and forthrightly. Express all regulatory issues to the senior officers of government who will attend. Demand resolution and follow up later. Become members of SEPC and avail of the export incentives that government provides. Foreign delegates must interact with as many companies as they can, because this is an excellent opportunity to find hidden Indian gems, of which there will be many. Most importantly, do great business.”