ZICA Students Shine at the All India Short Film Festival 2012

nullZee Institute of Creative Art, students from the Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore, won the ‘Best Documentary Film’ award for short film ‘ENDOSULFAN at the ‘All India Short Film Festival 2012’. This short film caught attention of all the stalwarts present at the NACT event conducted at Bangalore. The documentary is created by a team of 7 creative genius students who came together to create an extra-ordinary film on the grave issue of Endosulfan. The team members for this short film are Ravi Kumar E,Gurusiddesh Kambalimata, Nagarjun M, Satwik Y. Patil, Tejuswi B, Chetan Halagimata and Gouranga Mondal.

Another feather in the Cap at the same Festival was, students of ZICA, Mira Road Winning the Best Cinematography award for their documentary film, ‘Dare to be Different.’ This documentary is based on the life of Mr. John, who dared to dream and be different. Depicting his life and experiences, the documentary showcased a lonely orphan and his early years of growing up in a boisterous city, where nobody has the time to stop by and talk to anyone. As the camera rolls, the innocence of the boy remains standstill and Mr. John goes out to help the needy and poor. Beginning with supporting one child, Mr. John, went on to run an orphanage, giving shelter and support to more than 39 children.

Sharing the experience of film making, Priyananda Singh, the Cinematographer and Shalki Kadam the Director of the Film said, “The exclusive interview and footage of thirty nine happy children around him ensured us what we had started out to do. We were able to capture his daring spirit of being different. He provided these orphans not only the basic necessity for survival but also love, to nurture their well being and dreams. We incorporated his simple question at the climax to inspire Mumbaikars to take initiatives in the life around them. Expressing excitement about the victory, Mr. Prabhanjan Chappar – Business Head of Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA), says, “Our students at ZICA have captured a simple man’s life’s story in their cameras and have produced this masterpiece. They have stretched their ability to think beyond the classrooms. We are elated that NACT has recognized the talent of these students and has acknowledged their efforts.”   connect@animationxpress.com