‘Storage 24’ wins Best Visual Effects Feature Film – International at the 24 Fps International Animation Awards 2012

Prime Focus World has been awarded the ‘Best Visual Effects Feature Film- International’ at The 24Fps International Animation Awards 2012 for their work on ‘Storage 24’. Commenting on the award, Merzin Tavaria, Co- Founder and  Chief Creative Director, Prime Focus said, “We are extremely delighted to receive the 24 Fps Award  for an incredibly challenging project, both artistically and technically. This is first time a full CG creature has been done in India. The most challenging part of the movie was creating the creature and the VFX team did a commendable job in making the visuals look believable and terrifying. I am extremely proud of my VFX team in Mumbai and London and would like to congratulate each and everyone.” In India, the project was supervised by Keith Devlin- VFX Supervisor, while Prime Focus VFX Supervisor in London, Piers Hampton worked with the director Johannes Roberts and Co-Producer and Post Production Supervisor Steve Cook and supervised the team in the UK. Prime Focus has delivered more than 205 shots, including 50 creature animations for ‘Storage 24’. The movie includes many exciting action sequences and the team contributed considerable VFX shots to enhance the dramatic impact of these scenes. One of the most important and challenging contributions by Prime Focus was the creation of the sinister creature in the movie. Using the original footage shot, the creature was designed and conceptualised in post. Along with VFX, Prime Focus has provided full post-production, DI and the title sequence for the movie ‘Storage 24’. The award was announced at The 24Fps International Animation Awards on the 7th December 2012 at the Lalit-Mumbai. Prime Focus was also nominated for Best Visual Effects Feature Film- India for the movie ‘Agent Vinod’ which was also supervised by Keith Devlin.   connect@animationxpress.com