Dilsukhnagar Arena celebrates Pixellence Awards 2012

India’s trained Digital Media students competed passionately with each other for 31 prestigious awards in various categories of Animation, VFX, Web and Graphics at Pixellence Awards-2012 held at Hyderabad on Thursday, the 26th of January, 2012 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Pixellence awards instituted by India’s Digital Media Academy, Dilsukhnagar Arena, are aimed at recognizing, honouring and encouraging outstanding talent in Digital Media Education.

Raja Sekhar Buggaveeti, CEO of Dilsukhnagar Arena presented the Pixellence awards to 31 deserving students. Earlier on, in the run up to the Awards ceremony, students participated enthusiastically and submitted about 450 entries in over 15 categories of Animation, VFX, Web and Graphics. The entries were judged on 4 parameters: Concept, Design, Output Quality and Presentation. Given the high quality of entries, the judges had a tough time selecting the winners. The categories open for competition in Pixellence 2012 included Stop Motion Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing, Character Design, Storyboard, Layout, Manual Paintings, Digital Paintings, Product Demo, Interactive Presentation, Dream Weaver Web Site, Live Action Short Film, Title Sequence Design, Elocution, Public Speaking, Group Discussion and more. Each category had two prizes: Winner and Runner-up. Speaking to AnimationXpress.com, Raja Sekhar Buggaveeti said, “I am elated with the overwhelming response to the Pixellence Awards and it is immensely satisfying to note that Dilsukhnagar Arena continues to inspire students towards pushing the boundaries of excellence and help students evolve into competent and industry-ready Digital Media Talent.” Earlier on, Pixellence 2012 got rolling with a devotional hymn and the customary address by the CEO of Dilsukhnagar Arena, Raja Sekhar Buggaveeti at 4 p.m. on Republic Day at an auditorium in uptown Hyderabad. A string of performances by students and staff of Dilsukhnagar Arena ensured that the audiences were glued to their seats and enjoyed every moment. True to the spirit of the celebrations and on par with the excitement created by the previous edition in 2011, Pixellence-2012 turned out to be an entertainer with peppy performances including dance, songs, comedy and plays. As the celebration peaked with the awards ceremony, Raja Sekhar congratulated all the winners of the Pixellence Awards-2012 and thanked everyone for attending the celebrations and making it a success. The highlight of the celebrations was the special appearance by the CEO of Dilsukhnagar Arena, Raja Sekhar Buggaveeti as the legendary freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju. Donning fiery saffron robes, wearing a hefty beard and wielding a bow and arrow to be true to the revoultionary’s trademark attire, Raja Sekhar kept the audience spellbound all through the performance of the patriotic song ‘Telugu Veera Levara’ which lasted for about 10 minutes. connect@animationxpress.com