Alias Researcher Jos Stam receives achievement award

Jos Stam
Jos Stam, Alias senior research scientist was presented with the 2005 Computer Graphics Achievement Award at Siggraph 2005. SIGGRAPH has acknowledged his advancements and groundbreaking work on subdivision surfaces and on fast algorithms for the simulation of natural phenomena, especially fire, fluids and gases. Stam joins a highly respected group of influencers in the world of computer graphics. “I am very proud to receive this award, as it reflects that my work has had a serious impact on the field of computer graphics,” said Stam. “But more than anything, this award reflects my passion for combining the creation of cool pictures with doing fancy mathematics” he added. “Throughout his career, Jos Stam has never stopped pushing the boundaries of the computer graphics industry,” commented Peter Mehlstaeubler, Vice President of product development at Alias. “His active contribution as a global researcher and the papers he has published has made him one of the leading minds in the field.” Stam was born in the Netherlands, receiving his B.S. degrees in computer science and pure mathematics from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. While working to complete his masters and PhD degrees in computer science from the University of Toronto, Stam worked at Alias, advancing particle systems for PowerAnimatorâ„¢. Upon graduation from the University of Toronto in 1995, Stam completed postdoc studies in Paris, France and Helsinki, Finland before returning to Alias in 1997.