Most people do not master the basics and as a result never master anything: Kelvin Ali

The founder of NWES (Northern World Entertainment Software Inc.), Toronto, Canada; Kelvin Ali is a post graduate with honours in Digital Design and Game Design from the prestigious George Brown College. With several fantastic gaming projects in progress, NWES believes in the sublime mandate of developing ‘Just Good Games’. Besides being an impeccable businessman, Kelvin is known for his humanitarian values. His charismatic charm and his incessant yearning to build up everyone around him is a virtue of rarity. A uniquely pristine educationalist, Kelvin’s style is absolutely entertaining. His ideology of transforming entertainment medium into meaningful social applications is commendable. His versatility is gloriously visible in the wide gamut of arena. got Kelvin talking about the upcoming Animation Masters Summit organized by Toonz Animation and here is what he had to say… What is the session that you will be taking at the Master’s Summit and what is it that you will be covering in the same? Finding your creative spark to create educational applications for a better tomorrow! In this fast paced lecture I will be covering tips and facts to exercise your brain to become healthier. I will also explore motivational techniques and best practices to maintain and capture creative ideas. In addition, I will also discuss personal experiences and challenges encountered on my journey thus far within the video game industry speaking about some of the new and emerging trends and technology and we have an exclusive animated cinematic piece which we will premiere at the event as well! What are the things that you expect to see at a gathering of such proportions? I would expect to see a plethora of industry professionals and a vast number of youth aspiring to network and break into industry. I would also expect to see some beautiful and creative local, national, and international animated shorts and pieces. How does it feel to be a ‘Master’? What tips or advice would you give young film makers who will be coming down or might just miss out on the event? I am both humbled and honoured to be selected as a ‘Master’ this year and I hope that I can raise the bar for future generations and speakers. I would advise young film makers attending to ask a lot of questions and to take the time to connect with others. For those who are unable to attend I would advise them to take notes and make the most of the on-line experience. There is nothing like being at a live event, but if you cannot be there, sit back from the comfort of your home, visualise and imagine you are with us! What are your views on the current scene in the animation industry in India? How can it be bettered? Indian animators constantly need to hone their skills with current tools and technology. There are a lot of high quality and large multi-national players in the Indian marketplace and I believe that this will only increase exponentially in years to come. Working with skilled and seasoned professionals is never easy to accomplish and usually privy to those with personal connections within the industry. This is simply a personal observation which  I have noticed in many industries, but as long as you have passion, hope, and desire to be a professional, its becomes second nature and a state of mind. What are the skills sets that young artists/film makers/animators must possess to make a mark in this competitive environment? In any industry, you have to exude passion and work hard. The only way you will get better is to work harder and smarter than your competition. So, I advise young artists to practice their craft every chance they can and focus on building fundamental skills. Most people do not master the basics and as a result never master anything!