Get ready for an enriching video editing workshop with ‘The Video Editor’s Toolbox’

It is that time of the year when AnimationXpress India is gearing up to bring another treat to the video editors with ‘The Video Editors’ Toolbox’ in association with Adobe which will be hosted on 11 May 2018 at Hotel Green Park, Chennai. With Adobe being at the forefront of the video editing industry, they want this event to be a knowledge sharing session for everyone. Innovations in the field are soaring high as it has been dramatically democratised by editing softwares available for personal computers. Behind most of the videos that serve in this field, there’s a team of committed hardcore professionals, adept with software and technology. With extreme digitalisation, every other day we get to hear about upgraded technologies being launched in the market, internet has boomed, consumer expectation and consumption has increased and production houses have multiplied. Movies and even TV serials these days heavily rely on video editing to produce an exciting and engrossing show backed up by sufficient amount of budget. The seminar has been designed to provide a platform for upcoming and established video and film editors to learn, explore, enhance and flourish one’s technical finesse through interaction with the industry experts, imbibing powerful insights and first-hand experience on the business. Several video editing tools are being brought into the field to make the job of video editors, film editors and designers easy. One such user friendly and helpful tool in the market is Adobe Premiere Pro. Developed by Adobe Systems and published as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing programme, Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing app that launched in 2003 as the successor of Adobe Premiere. It’s the only non-linear editing app that enables one to keep multiple projects opened while simultaneously collaborating on a single project. It’s used by filmmakers, YouTubers, videographers, designers — anyone with a story to tell. One can edit, adjust colour, refine audio and do whatever they wish to. Even a non-professional who doesn’t belong to the industry can use it to bring their innovative and creative ideas to life. The event would cover the benefits and useful features of the app providing a boost to the industry. In addition to the new features, the event would also be covering the tips and tricks apart from other topics in regards to the editing pipeline of Adobe Premiere Pro. Numerous video editors, budding artists in the field, film editors and studio owners will include the list of attendees for the programme. With an exciting lineup of speakers, the event is set to be an amazing one! If you’re around, register here: and we’ll see you at the event!