Differentiated content: the secret sauce to succeeding in the e-education business

If there’s one thing that the SARS COV2 virus has abetted, it is the acceleration of digital adoption. The education space is no exception. With schools, universities and other educational institutions shut and expected to be so for a while until Covid2019’s rampage is curtailed, virtual and online courses and classes have become the norm.

While professionals have signed up for upskilling and refresher courses, students have been attending online classes like they would have in regular schools. Technology providers, edutech and online platforms have rushed in to serve this surge through a combination of video, textual, and interactive content.

To retain customers, platforms have to keep updating the content they dish out. While subject matter expertise provided by mentors and teachers is a key differentiator as far as educational content is concerned, how it is also delivered makes a difference. Animation, packaging, standout graphics and charts can be used astutely to illustrate topics and make assimilation by students easier. Which is what can make a course that much more popular.

For that content creators in edutech platforms will have to think creatively and out of the box, to create long lasting and appealing online course material. There are tools available to edutech’s producers to get that additional advantage.

How are the content creators thinking differently and creatively? What tools are they using? What are the best practices to be followed? What has been working? How do they future protect themselves?

These and other such edutech content questions will be discussed and elaborated upon during AnimationXpress.com’s edutech virtual round table entitled “Differentiated content: the secret sauce to succeeding in the e-education business.”