MC3 incorporated into FTPL

Set up by Sun Microsystems, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in Nov 2003, Singapore based Managed Computing Competency Centre (MCÂ?) was yesterday announced incorporated into Singapore based Frontline Technologies Pte Ltd (FTPL) a leading provider of end-to-end IT services in Asia. FTPL has more than 3,500 professionals in six key markets in Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Greater China and India – to meet the specific needs of enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries. The new unit under FTPL will continue to provide Utility based computational services in remote 3D Animation rendering, Engineering Simulation and EDA services, in collaboration with Sun Microsystems and Application partners. Together with technology and industry partners SUN Microsystems, Frontline Technologies, Alias and Mental Images, MCÂ? was actively engaged in pilot projects for engineering and digital media utility-based services, launching its concept prototype for 3D Animation Rendering Service at Frames 2005 (India) in April 2005, and a subsequent commercial pilot service in Broadcast Asia 2005 (Singapore) in June 2005. Speaking first to Animation ‘xpress, FTPL Singapore MD Wong Wai Meng stated,”Digital Media is a fast growing industry for the region. Frontline Technologies Pte Ltd is pleased to have incorporated MC3 into our organization, as it enables us to provide new services to our customers in APAC, in remote 3D Animation Rendering and Digital Asset Management. This will position us to better serve, and add value to the local and regional customers in the Media, Communication & Entertainment Industry” Alfred Lie, Deputy Director, Media, Communications & Entertainment Industry, Frontline Technologies Pte Ltd stated,”The incorporation of MC3 team into Frontline Technologies, has enabled us to realize our vision of providing commercial grade 3D Animation Remote Rendering Services to Animation Companies in the Region. Capitalising on the strong infrastructural expertise, Commercial Grade Datacenter, and the Regional reach of Frontline Technologies, we will definitely be able to realize this vision” “The transition of MC3 to Frontline Technologies Pte Ltd was a planned collaboration between MC3, Frontline Technologies and SUN Microsystems, to enable 3D Remote Rendering service developed at MC3’s incubation facility to be commercially deployed. This effort is strongly supported by its Technology and Application partners” he added. On being asked about India plans, Alfred commented,”India is fast developing into the regional Centre for Outsourced and Co-produced 3D Animation Projects. We believe that the remote 3D rendering service offered by Frontline Technologies will benefit Animation companies, by enabling them to reduce capital cost, manage peak loads, and increase their production capacity by tapping on our render and compute facilities on a utility basis”