June 2-2022
Hulu adds ‘Predator’ movie franchise ahead of 2022 sequel

20th Century Studios recently announced that they are bringing the Predator franchise to streaming platforms this summer, with prequel film Prey set to debut on Hulu in August. Fans are certainly excited to see what this next chapter in the saga has to offer, and many will likely want to embark on a franchise re-watch this summer before Prey debuts.

This next chapter in the saga has spread a lot of excitement among the fans. This might make them re-watch the franchise this summer before Prey debuts. Most of the Predator films are now available on Hulu.

This June, Hulu added many new movies and TV shows. The new titles include a few Predator movies. The original Predator movie just landed on Hulu on Wednesday, alongside its direct sequel, Predator II. The move list also includes the 2010 reboot, Predators and Alien V. Predator.

The only Predator film that has not been included on the streaming platform is the most recent reboot of the franchise from 2018, The Predator

Presently, The Predator isn’t available on any major streaming services.

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