Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes to exit ‘The Flash’ series

Back in February, The CW renewed its popular DC comic book based series The Flash for an eighth season and now its been officially announced that two of its original stars Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) and Tom Cavanagh (Eobard Thawne) will exiting the show at the end of Season Seven.

Valdes will quit the series with an appearance in the season finale. In the series, Cisco is a technology expert at S.T.A.R Labs who helps to create and maintain Barry Allen’s super suit.

Cavanagh, who plays the role of  Eobard Thawne /Reverse-Flash as well as various versions of Harrison Wells, was about to wrap up his tenure at the end of Season Six but he appeared as a guest star in the current season to wrap up the outstanding Season Six storyline.

Deadline reported that Cavanagh wrapped up his storyline in the third episode of season seven, titled Mother, and appeared as a guest star in the rest of the season. However, the show producers have assured fans that he would be back. Many online listings reported that Cavanagh might appear in episode nine, 10 and beyond, and his appearance is being kept as a surprise for fans.

Speaking to Deadline, the executive producer and showrunner Eric Wallace said, “Tom and Carlos have been an integral part of our show for seven seasons, and will be greatly missed. Both are incredible talents who created beloved characters that fans and audiences around the world have come to love. This is why we are happily keeping the door open for return appearances.”

Cavanagh and Valdes’s departure from the show will leave the show with only four original cast members – Grant Gustin (Barry Allen), Candice Patton (Iris-West Allen), Danielle Panabaker (Cecile Hortin), and Jesse L.Martin (Joe West). Gustin is already signed for the eight seasons, while the other three are in negotiations to come back to the show.

The Flash is an American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns airing on The CW since 2014. The series is based on the Barry Allen of DC comic character The Flash, a costumed superhero who has been given the power of super speed, fighting crime in Central city. Season Seven’s ninth episode Timeless will air on 11 May 2021 on the CW.

Here’s the synopsis of the upcoming episode:

After a devastating betrayal, Barry turns to Timeless Wells for help. Meanwhile, Iris leads Team Citizen down a dangerous road in search of answers, and Cisco confides his biggest fear to Kamilla.