Popular manga ‘Chainsaw Man’ part two to release on Shonen Jump+ in July

The hit manga Chainsaw Man created by Tatsuki Fujimoto is returning for its sequel. Chainsaw Man part two will mark its debut on 13 July. An announcement for the same was made via the official Twitter account of Shonen Jump+. Chainsaw Man part two will appear in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and digitally it will be released on Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Thai.

The manga originally appeared in the print edition of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga quickly gained popularity as one of the magazine’s most critically acclaimed works, with a cult following that propelled it to a global circulation of more than 12 million copies. In late 2020 with 97 chapters, the first part of the series, now known as the Public Safety Arc, came to an end. Since then, the manga has been on hiatus, with Fujimoto releasing various unrelated one-off stories, such as the critically acclaimed Look Back

Part two will explore the next phase of Denji’s story. Here’s the official synopsis of Chainsaw Man to know more about the series: Denji was a small-time devil hunter just trying to survive in a harsh world. After being killed on a job, he is revived by his pet devil-dog Pochita and becomes something new and dangerous-Chainsaw Man!

Chainsaw Man two will make a shift from the print version to the digital version of the magazine on Shonen Jump+. The anime version of the manga is reportedly going to be released later this year.