Mental Canvas software is the future of 2D says comic artist and illustrator Abhisek Biswas

A software technology startup Mental Canvas has developed a creative platform that allows the artist to draw in new dimensions. Earlier the startup along with its partners announced a Reimagine Drawing, a $100K challenge contest, where the artist had to create an immersive and imaginative scene using Mental Canvas. Thousands of contestants from 93 countries entered the Challenge and 18 winning entries were selected from five categories including architecture and places, education, comics, napkin sketches, and storytelling.

Mumbai-based comic artist and illustrator Abhisek Biswas, who works as lead art at Byju’s, secured first place in the comics category with a total prize money of $5000. Biswas’ comic book How I got into animation, features the story of a little boy who is crazy about cartoons and comics and how it made him enter the field of animation. Sharing his excitement of winning the international challenge, Biswas told Animation Xpress, “I was so happy and thrilled that day because it’s an international competition and  I represent my country as a first prize winner in the comics category. Many talented artists from every corner of  the world were watching, appreciating, and commenting on my work through social media , websites, so it was a happy moment for me.”

He further added, “How I got into animation is totally based on my childhood memory. Through this comic I have illustrated the beginning of my journey as an animator. When I decided to submit my entry in the Mental Canvas Reimagine Drawing Challenge, many ideas came into my mind but I wanted to tell a story which can connect everyone’s mind through emotion and the Mental Canvas was the perfect tool to illustrate the story in a unique way.”

The artist came to know about the Mental Canvas through an Instagram post shared by his friend. He was surprised by seeing how the 2D sketches were transformed into 3D scenes using Mental Canvas. It just took seven days to complete the project as it is very user-friendly. “I tried to explore this awesome software and submitted my first entry for the Mental Canvas second mini-challenge and I won the second mini-challenge from India. This win encouraged me to join the $100K reimagine drawing challenge and I was so thrilled to discover the new possibilities of Mental Canvas. This software is the future of 2D and it can bring the revolution in the animation, comic, and illustration industries. Now any storyboard artist can use the 3D set-up with the help of 2D sketches. It’s dynamic, easy learning, and production-friendly software.”

 Revealing his future plans and projects, Biswas said, “Currently I am working on my upcoming short film. It’s a four minute 2D animated film which will be released on YouTube and social media very soon. Besides, I am working on some concepts and stories for video content and webcomics. I want to grow as an artist and explore every possible way to learn more about the animation industry so someday I will be able to create IPs for cartoon channels and popular OTTs.”