Detective Comics debuts new creative team for DC releases

After the Bat Family fought to uncover the mystery behind Arkham Tower in the Shadows of the Bat event and the Dark Knight’s latest stint with the Riddler, award-winning writer Ram V. and artist Rafael Albuquerque are taking over the title with Detective Comics #1062. The issue kicks off the four-part Gotham Nocturne arc for the series, which will turn Gotham City into a “gothic opera,” with Batman forced to face haunting music and demons throughout his city. The new Detective Comics issue is not the only release from DC, though.

“It’s a thrill to be writing a title with the kind of history and pedigree that Detective Comics has,” Ram V said in a statement. “When the opportunity first came across my desk, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. For me, the draw of Batman as a character and that of the world around him had always been this blanket of tragedy that lay above it all. So, with that perspective, ‘Gotham Nocturne’ is a quintessentially Batman story, told with the aesthetics of a gothic opera.”

DC is also launching two new series with the debut of DC: Mech #1 and Superman: Space Age #1. The former title reimagines the DC Universe to give its heroes colossal battle mechs, and the series’ first issue is set to deliver a brawl between the mech’s of Superman, Batman and the Flash. As for the latter Space Age, it will focus on Superman in the ’60s as he tries to grapple with an Earth that seems “determined to destroy itself” during this era.

Other notable mentions include the finales of both Batman: One Dark Knight and Aquamen, which will tackle the fallout of Arthur Curry’s death in Justice League #75 and serve as a Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths connection. Meanwhile, Damian Wayne is set to reunite with his girlfriend in Robin #16, and Young Justice: Targets #1 is printed for the first time after its digital release.

Here is the full list of new releases: Action Comics #1045, Aquamen #6, Batman: Fortress #3, Batman: One Dark Knight #3, Dc: Mech #1, Deathstroke Inc. #11, Detective Comics #1062, Harley Quinn #17, Robin #16, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #4, Superman: Space Age #1, The Swamp Thing #15, Task Force Z #10 and Young Justice: Targets #1.

All of these issues go on sale on 26 July from DC Comics.