DC announces FanDome Fridays; this week to celebrate the best of Multiverse

Unlock the glorious world of the DC superheroes and witness them knock down all sorts of villains with their enthralling superpowers. Every Friday, until the much-anticipated big day – 16 October, DC will bring DC FanDome Fridays, for all the die-hard fans to relive the epic adventures and the legend of DC Comics. DC FanDome will drop new content for fans every week, celebrating all things DC including best cosplay, characters, and stories and much more to explore and enjoy. 

DC Comics CCO and publisher Jim Lee kicked off the FanDome Friday celebration by inviting fans to explore the legacy that is DC, with the past, present and the future of comic book icons. This week’s theme is ‘Tour the Worlds of the DC Multiverse’ where fans can explore the magnificent worlds of the DC multiverse with a documentary on Flash, fastest man alive and dive further into the DC multiverse with Lee by registering at #DCFanDome, a free, global, virtual experience.

That’s not it! To be a part of this action-packed DC multiverse, fans have an opportunity to show off their ultimate DC super-fandom at a massive fan first experience with the DC FanDome talent house contest. Fans from across the world can share their fan art and illustrate their own version of an ideal DC multiverse that they would love to see in the future or get innovative with poster mashups of their favourite superheroes and characters. Participants stand a chance to potentially have their work featured across select DC’s FanDome marketing campaigns and exclusive fan merchandise. Fans can also choose to celebrate the legacy of the DC multiverse, by recreating their favourite DC moments and characters via Cosplay, through static or multimedia submissions.

So, suit up! Deep dive into the amazing world or gear up your squad to fulfill missions and immerse into the mysterious DC tech-verse. Put your super capes and stay tuned as DC FanDome is ready to set the world ablaze with a slew of activities for fans around the world.