CIA: Operation Ajax Graphic Novel announced for iPhone

The award-winning interactive iPad graphic novel, CIA: Operation Ajax, will expand to iPhone and the iPod Touch, later this month, it was announced by producer and creator of CIA: Operation Ajax Dan Burwen at a dedicated Comic-Con panel. CIA: Operation Ajax is a graphic novel App by Cognito Comics. The story is by Mike de Seve of Baboon Animation It is a true-life spy thriller that was the CIA’s first secret overthrow mission ever – in which the CIA and British SIS staged revolution against Iran’s Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953. The app brings the true-life spy thriller combining subtle animation with a full film score, this 210-page true-life spy adventure unfolds in a groundbreaking reading experience. After debuting on the iPad a year ago, CIA: Operation Ajax has received great acclaim for its revolutionary approach to digital comics. Author Mike de Seve and Dan Burwen of Cognito Comics pioneered a breakthrough method of storytelling by combining digital and gaming tools with the legacy of the printed page.
Mike de Seve and daniel burwen
Speaking to,  Mike de Seve, Author, CIA: Operation Ajax, Baboon Animation, shared, “I’m just thrilled that Cognito Comics hired Baboon Animation for CIA: Operation Ajax. Storytelling in interactive comics is an amazing proving ground for any story that has potential as a feature film. And feature films are Baboon’s main line of work, so this is really rewarding for us.  This technique lets you inexpensively lay out your story in a cinematic way that can become a template for a full feature film, and prove that to investors too, while at the same time also offering access to so much more information than a feature can. It would be like watching Goodfellas and being able to touch the screen to find out more about the real characters behind the story, and watch actual news footage about them and even secret documents and records about them. It’s super exciting, and it works equally well with IPs that have rich fictional worlds.” Packed with additional content, CIA: Operation Ajax also includes authentic declassified documents, twenty-two character dossiers, historical photos, and nine news reels from the era embedded right into the story. New York based Baboon Animation, provides creative services for dozens of the leading firms in the children’s education and entertainment fields internationally. Currently Baboon Animation is editing two international series and they are making international versions of animated features that are already completed, including for Russia’s Riki Group and for the Italian studio Lumiq.