Campfire Young Writer of the Year Contest; Deadline extended to 22nd April, 2012

Campfire has launched Campfire Young Writer of the Year contest.  It is a story writing competition for students from classes 5 to 9. The competition will feature about 1000 schools participating. This competition gives you the opportunity to have a go at writing your own story and of winning great prizes in the process. And there’s good news for all young aspiring writers – the deadline for Campfire Young Writer of the Year contest has been extended to 22nd April 2012.

The last date for submission was on 15th March 2012 but due to an overwhelming response, and pleas from lots of kids wanting to finish their exams before writing their stories, they’ve finally given in to the pressure of the masses. All entries must now be received – by e-mail, via online submission form, or to postal address – no later than Sunday 22nd April. This gives anyone interested an extra five weeks to put together their miniature masterpiece.

One winner will be selected from each class. And from these class winners, one overall winner will be chosen. Anyone from classes 5 to 9, attending any school in India, can take part in this competition. The winners of the competition will be selected from each class. The overall winner of the competition will receive attractive gifts like an iPad and an engraved trophy. The class winners will receive Android tablet.Talking to Andrew Dodd, Marketing and Rights Consultant, Campfire Graphic Novels said, “As a company, Campfire’s ethos has always been based on our main objective of encouraging kids to read. We want them not only to enjoy reading but also to find it a rewarding experience – to reach the end of the book having learnt something. As a children’s publisher with this mission, we feel our responsibility stretches much further than just producing and selling books. And that is why we have begun to involve ourselves in other activities, including writer and artist workshops in schools, sponsorship of Spell Bee, and of course the launch of our very own nationwide competition – Campfire Young Writer of the Year. This competition aims to discover and reward the most talented young writers in the country”.“We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to express themselves freely. And through Campfire Young Writer of the Year every student, regardless of ability, will be empowered to do exactly that. Taking part in this competition will help the participants to develop their language and story writing skills, as well as experience the enjoyment of creating something from nothing – something that is their very own masterpiece”, Andrew added.The interested students should write a fictional story (maximum 2,000 words). The candidates have to submit their entry on the website.