Campfire to launch Steve Jobs: Genius by Design Graphic Novel Preview Tomorrow

Campfire Graphic Novels is all set to launch the preview of its Graphic Novel, Steve Jobs: Genius by Design on 24thFebruary 2012 which would be Steve Jobs’ 57th birth anniversary. The 30 page preview would be launched in digital format for free. The book would be released in April in broth print and digital format for INR 195. Talking to Andrew Dodd, Marketing and Rights Consultant, Campfire Graphic Novels shared, “Campfire is committed to producing a range of biographies on inspirational subjects who have made a difference in some way. There is no greater example of a single human being who has shaped the world we live in than Steve Jobs. What he achieved in such a relatively short space of time is something which can act as an example and inspiration to all. As Jason Quinn, the author of this graphic novel, said, “Steve’s life was made for graphic novelstorytelling. It’s fascinating. It’s fabulous. And what’s best is the artwork which is awesome.” For the book a great deal of research was carried out, using three main sources – published books, films (including documentaries) and the internet. Any information garnered from the internet was always verified by other sources. iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iCon! Steve Jobs and his inventions changed the world we live in. His extraordinary life story is brimming with passion, innovation and creative genius. Campfire is sharing his triumphs and failures in the form of a graphic novel that captures his journey from his birth and his adoption, through the advent of the computer age and on into the digital age. Forced out of the company he created, how his indomitable vision allowed him to change the world of computers, movies, music and telecommunications is shared in the book. When quizzed about releasing a digital version Andrew replied, “Steve Jobs was one of the greatest forces behind the world’s move towards digital downloads. Therefore, it seems only right that a graphic biography of his life should be made available in this way”. Apart from the Steve Jobs Graphic Novel, Campfire has recently launched Sinbad: The Legacy at Comic Con. It featured a video of the author, speaking all the way from the US, as well as helium balloons being released to uncover a huge cut out of the book’sfront cover. The next day it ran a session called Campfire’s Year Ahead. This featured exclusive preview artwork of their forthcoming titles, focusing mainly on Steve Jobs: Genius by DesignKrishna: Defender of Dharma and The Beautiful Game. The latter is a very exciting football series which will be launched later this year. In addition, Campfire is working and planning to release lot of titles like Zeus and the Rise of the Olympians, The Tempest and Sunderkand in the coming month. It is also working on Chote Meow which is an original story targeted at younger children.