‘Black Clover’ manga to return after a brief hiatus

The popular fantasy manga Black Clover, created by Yuki Tabata, will resume serialisation on 1 August.

The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which serialises Black Clover, broke the news in issue 34. Black Clover is back after a brief hiatus in late April while Tabata prepared the final main plot arc of the Shonen manga.

A huge commercial success, the Black Clover manga made its debut in February 2015 and has already sold over 16 million copies in both physical and digital editions as of July 2021. The protagonist of the series is a young kid named Asta who lives in a world where mages are people who possess extraordinary magical powers. Despite not being able to utilise magic, Asta aspires to be a mage. Asta’s acquisition of the five-leaf clover grimoire, an incredibly rare item that grants him the power to use anti-magic and render all other forms of magic powerless, causes a change. With aspirations of one day becoming the wizard king, he eventually joins the black bull squad of the magic knights in the clover kingdom.

The popular manga was adapted into an anime by Studio Pierrot in October 2017, and because of its success, three more seasons of the show were produced, with season four premiering in March 2021. Gakuto Kajiwara plays the part of Asta, whereas Noelle Silva, a water-magic user and fellow member of the black bull squad, is played by Kana Yuki. The character of Yuno, played by Nobunaga Shimazaki, is a user of both star and wind magic who emerges as Asta’s primary rival throughout the series.

Crunchyroll offers streaming access to Black Clover’s four seasons. Viz Media has the manga in English for purchase.