Best comic book characters to have featured in Slot Games

Comic book characters have always been incredibly popular with people all around the world, as the films and the stories that are shared featuring the superheroes that are involved help to capture the imagination that many have and provide those who see them with a real sense of fantasy.

Indeed, studios such as Marvel and DC Comics have had huge successes when making films and movie franchises starting the creations, with many of them having gone on to win critical acclaim throughout the planet and at the box office.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a number of slot game developers have also cottoned on to that particular notion and have decided to use it to their advantage by taking inspiration from the various comic book characters who have proven popular and have given their own spin on them when creating games for their portfolios.

Here, though, are just some of the best casino games that can be found featuring these characters.

Jack Hammer

NetEnt had really managed to capture the true comic book style with their Jack Hammer games as they provided players with games that followed the theme perfectly. Each of the games that feature the character have been created as a visual comic, with some of their games featuring the original storylines and characters.

Jack Hammer 98 and Jack Hammer 2 are just two of the games to have featured the character and players are able to experience these NetEnt titles when they browse the Unibet Casino Lobby as the operator provides them with the chance to get involved with the story.


Batman has proven to be an incredibly popular comic book character for a range of different people all around the world and it is no different within the slot game world, with a number of titles having been produced with him as the main focal point.

Whether he is on his own, side by side with his trusted sidekick, Robin, or fighting crime with Catwoman, there are many different games that Batman makes an appearance in, with many of the available slot games taking inspiration from various versions of the character. For instance, Playtech decided to use the 1960s version to create their Batman and Catwoman Cash title, whilst they also used the 2008 film, The Dark Knight, to create another version featuring the iconic hero.


You cannot speak about superheroes without mentioning one of the most iconic superheroes to have ever existed; Superman. Indeed, many will immediately think of Clark Kent’s alter-ego (or Kal-El as he was known at birth before being named by his parents) when asked to think of a superhero but that may be down to the fact that he is considered the classic archetype as he dons a costume, has a codename and fights evil with extraordinary powers.

Again, Superman has also been a source of inspiration for many slot game developers, as well, as there have been a plethora of different games to have been created using him. For instance, Playtech has provided The Superman Movie slot game that is befitting of the legendary comic book character.

Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad have become one of the most popular groups of comic book characters to have ever been assembled, with Task Force X having been created featuring some iconic characters. Villains ranging from Deadshot, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Katana and El Diablo have all garnered a huge amount of popularity, therefore it has become rather easy for developers to take inspiration from.

For instance, Playtech – who are the kings of creating slot games with iconic comic book characters – created the Suicide Squad slot game that has proven to be incredibly popular, as it features progressive jackpots and a return to player (RTP) rate of 94.14 per cent.

Justice League

Speaking of popular superhero groups, DC Comics Justice League is amongst one of the most popular in the comic book world as it features many of those heroes who are fighting against the evil villains that they encounter.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are just some of the iconic comic book characters to be a part of the Justice League, with each of them appearing in slot games such as Justice League Comics. This game will see each of the heroes be joined by villains such as The Joker, whilst there are various features that will make fighting crime pay!